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A total of more than 151,475 active-duty soldiers have been diagnosed in Russia

In this photo taken on Sunday, May 3, 2020, A Russian Rosguardia (National Guard) soldier prepares to launch a drone in Moscow in Losiny Ostrov (Elk Island) national park in northeastern, Russia. Police in Moscow said they would use helicopters and drones to monitor violations of a lockdown intended to stem the spread of the new coronavirus. Russian officials are reporting a steady rise in the number of the new coronavirus infections that raises pressure on the nation’s health care system. (Sergey Vedyashkin, Moscow News Agency photo via AP)

Russia has more than 10,000 diagnoses for 3 consecutive days. In the past day, Russia has newly diagnosed 10102 cases, with a total of 155370 diagnosed cases. Since the launch of the test, 1,475 of the Russian military active personnel have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus, and 1,186 of the military schools have been diagnosed with the infection.

The message showed: “The Russian armed forces recorded from March to May 5 that 1475 officers and soldiers were diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, of which 378 were treated in the military hospital under the Ministry of Defense, and 514 were isolated and treated in the station, 14 People were treated in local health institutions, and another 569 people were isolated at home, and a total of 174 were cured. “

At the same time, including various types of students, a total of 1186 people in Russian higher military education institutions were infected with the new crown virus, of which 187 were cured.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences on the death of Miklin, the chief designer of the Russian manned space project, infected with the new crown virus.

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