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Affected grandmother’s condition deteriorated when she was sent to hospital

New pneumonia has claimed countless lives. A woman in Mexico was sent to hospital last Monday (8th) due to new pneumonia symptoms, but her condition suddenly deteriorated while waiting in the car. Risk of illness, immediately apply artificial respiration, but unfortunately the grandmother eventually returned to the soul, and the grandchildren couldn’t help but mourn and cried.

The incident occurred outside the parking lot of a hospital in the capital of Mexico City. The elderly woman had symptoms such as breathlessness in the morning. The family immediately drove her to the hospital when she saw the situation, but the elderly woman’s condition suddenly deteriorated while waiting in the car. Her grandson I hurried back to the car to find out that my grandmother had lost consciousness. The man was in a hurry and ignored the risk of being infected. He gave artificial respiration to the grandmother. Other relatives also tried to wake the old woman. Unfortunately, she had not responded. The personnel came forward and found that the old woman had no pulse and declared her death.

The man learned that his grandmother’s death was very sad, and wept bitterly while holding his body. The autopsy report confirmed that the old woman had a positive reaction to the new coronavirus, but no symptoms have appeared after the infection. As for the grandchildren who first aided him, it is temporarily unknown whether the diagnosis is confirmed.

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