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An outbreak in a nursing home in Massachusetts, U.S., 54 killed more than 100 people infected

The outbreak of a new crown outbreak in a nursing home in Medford, Massachusetts, USA, has now caused 54 deaths, and 117 residents and 42 employees were infected.

It is reported that this nursing home called Courtyard Nursing Care Center has a total of 224 beds, which are mainly used to care for the “weak and elderly” elderly. The average age of the deceased residents is over 85 years old.

The Mayor of Medford said the death toll caused by the new coronavirus in the long-term care facility was “shocking” and said the authorities are working to resolve the shortage of manpower caused by the outbreak in this nursing home, although Massachusetts is also facing the same problem.

Nursing homes across Massachusetts have reportedly been affected by the new crown epidemic. Deaths in long-term care facilities account for almost 60% of all deaths in the state.

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