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anksy mourns death of black man

Banksy, a well-known British graffiti artist, posted a new work on the social platform Instagram. The content is a candle that mourns the death of a black man and lights the corner of the American flag, which seems to be a metaphor for the racial problems in the United States.

In this new work by Banksy, there is a small black, uncontoured portrait, surrounded by bouquet candles, and the candlelight has lit a large American flag hanging on the rear wall.

Banksy’s new work was posted on Instagram, and it was worthwhile for people across the United States and people around the world to go to the streets for many days to protest against the black man Freud who died after being knee-pressed in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25. event.

Banksy’s post said: “At first I thought I should shut up and listen to the black people’s views on this issue. But why do I do this? This is not their problem, but my problem.”

Banksy likens racism to the damage to the plumbing downstairs of the apartment floor, which caused flooding downstairs. This flaw caused the residents in the downstairs to suffer miserably. “But this is not a problem for them to repair.” He said: “They can’t repair it because no one let them go to the apartment upstairs.”

He pointed out: “The people of color are let down by the white system. This is a problem for white people. If white people don’t improve, someone must go upstairs. “Go into the crowd.”

Banksy often chooses hot topics as the theme of his work, and he usually graffiti on the wall.

Last month, in his new work, he portrayed a superhero doll in the hands of a little boy, no longer Batman or Spiderman, but a paramedic to pay tribute to the medical staff and thank them for their dedication during the new crown pneumonia outbreak.

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