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English school resumes classes in batches as scheduled next month Johnson calls on teachers and parents to prepare

In this photo issued by 10 Downing Street, Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during a media briefing on coronavirus in Downing Street, London, Sunday May 24, 2020. Boris Johnson says he won’t fire his chief aide Dominic Cummings for allegedly violating the national coronavirus lockdown rules that he helped to create. (Andrew Parsons/10 Downing Street via AP)

The epidemic situation in many countries in Europe has continued to ease, and countries have gradually relaxed the “blockade” measures. British Prime Minister Johnson said that he would resume classes in phases starting on the 1st of next month. He pointed out that the government would handle it carefully and called on teachers and parents to prepare for it. He also said that all teachers, students and their families, if they develop symptoms, will be arranged to be tested for viruses.

Johnson said that he hopes to provide middle schools with the opportunity to contact from June 15th to prepare students for the 10th grade (ie S4) and 12th grade (ie S6) next year’s exam, involving about 4 points and 1 student.

A local association of educators said that the government failed to convince the education community that it was safe to return to school and called on the government to conduct a meaningful dialogue with the association.

However, some school organizations welcome the resumption of classes in stages, but believe that there is little time for primary schools to take safety measures to resume classes, reflecting that the government has not done a good job to reassure the education community.

Some principal organizations said that they would decide to resume classes according to the circumstances of individual schools according to Johnson. They also said that unless appropriate security measures are in place, they will not be forced to reopen the school.

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