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Facebook employees dissatisfied with the company’s failure to cover Trump’s inflammatory remarks

In this Oct. 25, 2019 photo Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks at the Paley Center in New York. Facebook employees are using Twitter to register their frustration over Zuckerberg’s decision to leave up posts by President Donald Trump that suggested protesters in Minneapolis could be shot. On Monday, June 1, 2020 Facebook employees staged a virtual ?œwalkout??to protest the company’s decision not to touch the Trump posts according to a report in the New York Times, which cited anonymous senior employees at Facebook. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Hundreds of employees on the social networking site Facebook were dissatisfied with the company’s failure to cover up the post that US President Trump was accused of beautifying violence, and held a “virtual strike” in protest on Monday (1st).

According to the New York Times, many employees expressed their refusal to work in order to express their support for demonstrators nationwide. They added an automatic message to their electronic materials and e-mail replies, saying that they were not in the office to express their protest.

Facebook employees circulated various petitions and threatened to leave. At least six employees, including product management directors, design managers and engineers, posted criticism on their personal social networking site Twitter, expressing disappointment about allowing Trump’s inflammatory comments. And attention. More than a dozen current and former employees said the riot was the most serious challenge that Zuckerberg faced since Facebook was founded 15 years ago.

A Facebook employee said: “Together with the black employees in the company and all those with a moral conscience, they called on Zuckerberg to immediately remove the president’s post, which advocates the use of violence, murder and threats against blacks.

Trump earlier posted on Twitter and Facebook in response to the national demonstrations and riots triggered by the violent law enforcement of white police officers that killed black men. Facebook did not follow Twitter’s approach, obscuring related posts. Zuckerberg said earlier that as the head of an organization dedicated to freedom of speech, he believes that only public speech can supervise those in power and be accountable to the public.

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