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Fapiravir treatment of new coronary pneumonia clinical study shows no effect

The new influenza drug “Avigan” developed by Toyama Chemical, a subsidiary of Japan’s “Fuji Film”, has been regarded as a promising treatment for new coronary pneumonia. However, Kyodo News reported that, after clinical trials, did not find that fapiravir has a significant effect on the treatment of new coronary pneumonia. According to the news, the share price of Fujifilm dropped more than 3%.

Farapirvir has previously been shown to reduce the activity of influenza viruses, West Nile virus, foot-and-mouth disease virus, and many other viruses, as well as inhibit the activity of enteroviruses. Therefore, this time when the world is facing the threat of new coronavirus, this drug that can inhibit and even resist multiple viruses has high hopes. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe even stated that once the clinical trial of farapine was confirmed to be effective against the new coronavirus, mass production will be approved immediately, but the latest results may disappoint the outside world.

Although celebrities infected with the disease have publicly stated that they will recover after using fapiravir, but at present, fapiravir has not obtained sufficient scientific basis as a drug. Fapiravir has teratogenicity and other issues, and some experts believe that “cannot agree to promote without fully confirming the effect and safety”, “(the government) has to approve the direction before the end of May is too positive.”

Fapiravir is a new influenza treatment drug developed by Fuji Film Toyama Chemical Company. To obtain approval from the Japanese government for the treatment of new coronaviruses, it is necessary to present valid data in clinical studies and clinical trials, but the clinical trials conducted by the company have not been completed.

In addition to the clinical trials conducted by the company, multiple research institutes, mainly Fujita Medical University, also conducted joint clinical research. The content was for asymptomatic and mildly infected people. The comparison was made after changing the period of use of fapiravir. This The data is expected to be available for government review and approval.

However, the Kyodo News Agency quoted several sources who have received reports from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to report that, according to the results of the mid-term clinical trials at this stage, patients with new coronavirus taking Farapirvir compared with patients without medication. There is no clear reduction. In other words, as of now, farapine has no significant effect on the treatment of new coronary pneumonia. But this clinical research will continue in the future. As soon as the news was disclosed, the share price of Fujifilm, the manufacturer of Farapine, fell sharply.

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