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Female staff of British railway killed by male passenger

This is an undated photo, provided on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 by Agnes Ntumba of her sister Belly Mujinga, who has died of coronavirus after being spat at while on duty as a ticket office worker at Victoria Station, in London. (Agnes Ntumba via AP)

British railroad conductor Belly Mujinga coughed and spit at her and a colleague when a man claiming to be infected with the new coronavirus was at work at Victoria Station in London in March this year. Bailey was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia and died in early April, just 13 days after the incident.

According to foreign media reports, 47-year-old Bailey had an 11-year-old daughter who worked at the Victoria Station ticket office in London. In March this year, a man coughed and yelled that he had a new coronary pneumonia. Another female employee spit out saliva. After a few days, the two felt unwell. The result was a real stroke. They were hospitalized on April 2 and needed to use a respirator to survive. Unfortunately, they died on April 5.

The 47-year-old Bailey suffers from respiratory diseases. Union Secretary General Manuel Cortes pointed out that Bailey’s death highlighted a very serious problem. “She is a vulnerable and vulnerable group, and her employer also knows her situation and why she still worked on the front line during the outbreak.”

Moreover, the railway company was also questioned about not providing adequate precautions to frontline employees. The railway company responded that , Any charges will be taken seriously, and investigations are under way.

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