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Hawking’s ventilator was donated by his family to the hospital to help fight the epidemic

The new coronary pneumonia epidemic is a global pandemic, and countries are facing shortage of medical supplies. According to British media reports, the family of the late famous physicist Stephen Hawking donated the ventilator used by Hawking during his lifetime to the Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge. It is reported that this ventilator that has accompanied Dr. Hawking around the world has passed the test and has been confirmed to be suitable for people with new crown infections.

Hawking’s daughter said that Cambridge Royal Papworth Hospital may become the frontline of anti-epidemic disease, so I want to do my best. Zhou Shi thanked the hospital for providing him with very good medical care before Hawking died. Can help treat patients with new coronary pneumonia. The hospital said: “Thank you very much for the Hawking family to support us at this challenging time.”

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