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How to properly handle used masks?

According to the National Health and Welfare Committee WeChat public account Health China, the used masks carry a large number of microorganisms, such as viruses and oral bacteria, and there may be a great risk of infection.

Points to note when removing the mask:

· Do not touch the outer surface of the mask, because you may infect yourself.

· Do not touch the inner surface of the mask (self is a patient), because it may infect others.

· Do not touch the masks used by others because they may cross-infect.

· Do not put it directly in the bag, pocket, etc., because there may be a risk of persistent infection.

Some error handling methods:

╳Boiling water

High temperature is indeed a method of disinfection, such as boiling, and it is simple and easy to operate. However, if you use a boiling water mask, you must place the mask on the container or countertop to avoid contaminating the container or countertop. Secondly, boiling water can not meet the continuous high temperature required for disinfection and the time is not enough. It may only kill some pathogens . Therefore, boiling water treatment is not recommended.

╳ Incineration

Similarly, the principle of incineration is high temperature disinfection. However, incineration will pollute the environment in the first place, and it will cause potential safety hazards in the second, and there is no such fixed place in the third. Therefore, personal incineration is not recommended.

╳ Throw away after shredding

Although the starting point for shredding the masks to prevent recycling by people with ulterior motives is good, there is a great risk of infection. Therefore, shredding is also not recommended.

The correct way to deal with used masks:

Since the development of human civilization, there are dozens of ways to kill pathogenic microorganisms, including pressure steam, ultraviolet light, high temperature, medical alcohol, chlorine (bromine) disinfectant, and so on. However, the use of a oxen knife to kill chickens is certainly suitable for our ordinary people to choose a relatively simple, efficient and safe way. In this regard, Healthy China recommended.

√ When in a medical institution

All masks used in medical institutions should be directly put into medical waste garbage bags. These masks, as medical waste, will be centrally disposed by professional disposal agencies.

√ Usually

People who are suspected of having an infectious disease should hand over the used masks to the corresponding staff during medical treatment or investigation and disposal as medical waste.

For people with fever, cough, sputum, sneezing and other symptoms, or people who have been in contact with such people, it is recommended to throw the mask to the trash first, then use 5% 84 disinfectant according to the 1:99 ratio Sprinkle on the mask for treatment. If there is no disinfectant, you can also use a sealed bag / fresh-keeping bag, seal the mask and throw it into the trash.

For ordinary people, because of the low risk, the used masks can be directly thrown into the trash.

After handling the mask, remember to perform hand hygiene.

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