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Malaysia will resume classes in stages from Wednesday

Malaysia‚Äôs new crown pneumonia epidemic is under control. Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced that he will implement a recovery action control order starting on the 10th of this month. The school will resume classes in stages, and people can move across states. 

In the afternoon, Mao Xiding announced via live TV broadcast that the overall outbreak was under control due to the slowdown of new cases in Malaysia. Therefore, it was decided to end the original Conditional Action Control Order (PKPB) on the 9th of this month and implement the Recovery Action Control Order (PKPP) instead. 

Under the new measures, Malaysian nationals no longer need to apply for a permit from the police when they move across states except for areas blocked by infections, but they still prohibit travel abroad. At the same time, sports and competitions without physical collision, such as bowling, badminton, etc., are also approved; hair salons, beauty salons, night markets and markets can also be resumed; schools will resume classes in stages, details will be announced by the Ministry of Education later . 

Mao Xiding pointed out that although the restrictions on epidemic prevention were gradually relaxed, the nation should always pay attention to personal hygiene and wear masks in public places. It is necessary to avoid crowded places when returning home, and to protect the health of high-risk persons such as elderly elders.  

There were 38 new diagnoses in Malaysia. A total of 8,322 people were diagnosed, 6,674 people were discharged from the hospital, and 117 people died.

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