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Malaysian 9-year-old girl sews 130 pieces of protective clothing while she suspends classes and volunteers for two months

The New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic is spreading all over the world, and the supply of medical supplies in various countries is tight. A 9-year-old girl from Malaysia, Nur Afia Qistina Zamzuri, volunteered to sew protective clothing for local medical staff during the suspension of classes. Since she can sew 4 protective garments per day on average, she has provided 130 finished products to two hospitals so far.

According to foreign media reports, since Nur’s mother is a tailor, she has been sewing clothes since she was 5 years old and has developed extraordinary sewing skills. Nur leaned on a pair of clever hands and slowly sewed pillow covers or difficult fabrics with his mother to make money. However, in mid-March, the epidemic in Malaysia gradually became serious, and restrictions were imposed. A total of 6,742 people have been diagnosed and 109 people have died so far.

Nur realized that the epidemic was quite dangerous and knew that the local hospital was lacking protective clothing. He said to his mother: “I feel sad and want to help. I don’t have to go to school now, I hope to sew more things.” Nur took the initiative to join the volunteer team to sew protective clothing. Although she has sewing skills, it is a challenge for her.

Because her family believes in Muslims, it is now an annual “Ramadan month” and needs fasting and prayer every day from sunrise to sunset. Under this circumstance, Nur has to concentrate more on work. She can sew 4 protective garments per day on average. Currently, she has produced 130 pieces for medical staff in two hospitals, and 60 pieces are under planning.

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