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Many times for help but the federal government is indifferent

In recent days, the number of new deaths and hospitalizations in New York State and New York City, the worst epidemic states in the United States, have shown a downward trend.

New York State Governor Como said on the 19th that New York State “may have crossed the peak of the outbreak”, which shows that “maintaining social distance” measures have played a role in controlling the spread of the outbreak.

However, both Como and New York Mayor De Blasio warned that the epidemic is far from over, and we cannot relax our vigilance. De Blasio also called on the U.S. federal government to take practical action to help states and local governments get through the difficulties.

De Blasio said that he had repeatedly appealed to the federal government for help, but he did not get a response from President Trump and Vice President Pence.

New York Mayor De Blasio: It ’s incredible, I do n’t know what the President and Vice President want to do without saying a word. If the president is still indifferent and should not provide relief to the municipalities, then he will not want to recover. The reason is simple. If the state and local governments are not functioning well, where will the recovery come from?

New York State and New York City epidemic slows down Mayor emphasizes not to relax

De Blasio also emphasized that although the data related to the epidemic showed a good trend, it must not be let down, especially the spring blossoms brought challenges to the implementation of the “home order”.

New York Mayor De Blasio: Do n’t underestimate our enemy, this is a terrible disease. If you relax your guard, it will kill you a carbine.

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