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Matters needing attention when using medical elastic bandage

Medical elastic bandages are mainly composed of three parts, namely elastic bottom band, medicine and polymer adhesive mixed layer, anti-sticking layer; reasonable design makes it more convenient when used. So what are the precautions during use?
The correct method of use is critical. When using medical elastic bandages, the appropriate width needs to be selected according to different parts. The bandaging method mainly depends on the purpose of use and is not the same.
When the medical elastic bandage is changed, it is changed in the morning time. If the patient has gotten up, the patient should be re-bedded, the limbs should be raised, the venous blood should be emptied, and then bandaged.
After using medical elastic bandages, the skin color and swelling of the wound should be observed daily. This has two purposes. One is to understand the progress of the injury, and the other is to be able to detect abnormal conditions in time.
Medical elastic bandages should be cleaned frequently so as to ensure cleanliness. Do not scrub hard when washing. After washing, the water should be squeezed out, not twisted out. The drying method is to put it in a cool and ventilated place.

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