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New York Broadway cancels summer shows and closes at least until September 6

The New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic in New York State slowed down, but the pace of economic restart was slow. Two months after the 41 Opera House on Broadway cooperated with the government order to turn off the lights, it was announced yesterday that all summer shows before September 6 will be cancelled.

When the epidemic heats up, New York Governor Como announced on March 12 that it would ban large-scale gatherings of more than 500 people to prevent the virus from spreading quickly, and the Broadway Theater in New York was closed. In the last season, Broadway attracted 14.8 million viewers and received US $ 1.8 billion (about HK $ 14 billion). In addition to the theater fans turning off the lights, thousands of actors and staff were unemployed.

The Chamber of Commerce organization Broadway League (Broadway League) originally planned to suspend performance until April 12, and then extended to June 7, until yesterday announced the cancellation of all summer performances, the purpose is to facilitate the fans to refund or reschedule, does not mean that Broadway players expect 9 After the Labor Day holiday, the door can be opened to greet the audience. Charlotte St. Martin, chairman of the Broadway Alliance, said Broadway was in the fourth stage of the Como economic restart plan.

Como announced last week that New York State plans to resume economic activity in 10 zones and 4 stages. The first stage includes construction and manufacturing, the second stage includes retail and real estate, the third stage includes hospitality, and the entertainment industry ranks last. The restrictions on loosening restrictions in each district must meet the seven major requirements such as the steady decline in the hospitalization and death case curve. New York City only meets 4 items, and it is the end of the 10 districts.

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