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Notes on wearing masks

Masks are not only used in life, but also in many production activities. There are many different types of masks. So do you know how to wear masks? Printed mask manufacturers have summarized a few points for attention when wearing masks, hoping to help everyone.

  1. For environments where volatile particles are present, choose a dust mask that can filter both particles and volatile gases.
  2. The appropriate dust mask should be selected according to the dispersion of particles. For example, some low-end dust masks only have a filtering effect on ordinary dust, but have no filtering effect on retained particles, smoke or steam.
  3. If the dust is oily, choose a dust mask that can filter the oily dust.
  4. If the dust is radioactive, please choose a dust mask with high filtration efficiency.
    Printed masks remind you that you must choose the right mask in different environments. Only in this way can the mask really play its role.
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