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Refers to McDonald’s global systemic sexual harassment, ILO complains to OECD

n International Labor Organization complained to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that McDonald ’s, one of the world ’s largest catering groups, had branches throughout the world that had “systematic” sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The International Federation of Food and Beverage Trade Unions (IUF) filed a complaint with the Netherlands branch of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This is the first time an international union has filed such a complaint with a multinational company.

The director general of the organization, Lang Li, said: “The McDonald’s Group has had employees complaining of sexual harassment and sexual violence for many years, but a company that has experienced cultural corruption at the top level has not taken substantive action to face this problem. Employees provide a safe working environment. The Dutch government should deal with this complaint and allow the employees of the group to effectively respond to the situation they face. “

In the complaint, the union specifically targeted Dutch APG Asset Management and Norwegian Bank. They hold a total of 1.7 billion US dollars (13.154 billion Hong Kong dollars) of McDonald’s shares.

The complaint pointed out that according to the guidelines issued by the Economic Cooperation and Development Organization, major investors and shareholders in commercial organizations must conduct appropriate investigations to ensure that the companies they invest in undertake responsible business practices.

The International Federation of Food and Beverage Trade Unions pointed out that this is the first time that a trade union has complained about systematic sexual harassment and sexual assault by a multinational company through the OECD mechanism, including attempts to rape, expose, and impoliteness. year old. Even if the victim makes a complaint to the boss after the incident, it must not be essential, and may even be ridiculed or punished.

The complaint cites examples of McDonald ’s branches and branches located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, etc., where employees have been kissed, touched, and other involuntary physical contact incidents. . In France, the manager of one of the branches installed a camcorder in the locker room of female employees and secretly filmed female colleagues to change clothes.

The union chose to file a complaint in the Netherlands because McDonald ’s is Europe ’s largest restaurant chain, and about half a million people were hired, 90% of whom worked in franchise stores.

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