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Reusable masks can only be washed and not disinfected. He Bailiang advocates people with fever and other symptoms to avoid wearing

The government distributes reusable masks to all people, which can be washed 60 times. The masks are constructed of 6 layers of functional materials. Two of the masks contain a small amount of copper and are manufactured in a special method to suppress bacteria, common viruses and other harmful substances. The director of the Hong Kong University Center for Infectious and Infectious Diseases, He Bailiang, said that the government ’s reusable mask test results are good, but because it can only be cleaned and cannot be disinfected, it is recommended that 4 categories of people, including those with fever and respiratory symptoms, be undergoing home quarantine; confirmed or suspect The case is undergoing home quarantine; close contacts with confirmed or suspected cases, as well as people who need to go to hospitals and nursing homes and other high-risk places to avoid wearing.

He Bailiang said on a radio program that although the government’s reusable mask test results are good, they can only be washed and not disinfected. People with fever, respiratory infections, diagnoses or suspected of being infected with new coronary pneumonia should avoid wearing them, he explained , Because the surface of the mask may contain viruses, or increase the environment and the risk of transmission. He also said that the mask has been tested by various laboratories to reach the ASTM Level1 level, but the reusable mask is made of 6 layers of fabric. If it is worn for a long time, and if there is moisture, the respiratory resistance may be greater than that of the surgical mask.

Regarding the opinion that the mask looks like underwear, He Bailiang said that the fabric of the reusable mask has certain waterproof and anti-bacterial properties, which is similar to the underwear material, and the outermost color can be improved to make the mask look better.

He Bailiang pointed out that the epidemic situation in Hong Kong is currently in a transition period. The government’s relaxation of some restrictions is to conduct stress tests, and believes that community testing needs to be done more. He also said that until there is no local diagnosis for 28 consecutive days, the current restrictions can be completely eliminated. He also mentioned that it is still necessary to do a good job of controlling the source, and wearing a mask is a necessary measure.

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