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Rumors that Trump’s remaining term will not be unveiled for Obama’s portraits

The White House has a tradition in which the current president presides over the official portrait unveiling ceremony for the previous president. However, the current President Trump is very dissatisfied with the incumbent President Obama and even accused Obama of committing crimes. Government sources revealed that Trump had no intention of presiding over the ceremony in the short term, and even during this term he would not arrange a date to suspend Obama ’s portraits.

Trump did not specify what crimes Obama committed, nor did he come up with substantive evidence to prove it. Since Trump took office, he has known that he does not respect Obama very much, and even blames Obama on many problems facing the United States.

A government official revealed that the White House had discussed the arrangement of the ceremony with Obama’s assistants, but the two sides had no consensus and no date was set.

The author of the book “Team of 5: President’s Club in the Trump Era” Katie Brower pointed out: “The ceremony of hanging the portrait of the president in the White House is one of the three major events where the current and former presidents meet. This level of hostility between this president and the previous president is unprecedented in modern history. “

Trump met with Obama only once after his inauguration in January 2017. That was the funeral of another former president, Bush, in 2018. Trump and Obama appeared on the same field, shaking hands at the beginning of the ceremony, but there was no communication all day afterwards.

Katie Brower wrote in her book that she asked him when visiting Trump in the president ’s office. Will Obama attend when Obama ’s presidential library opens? Trump responded: “He (Obama) may not invite me.” The

East Hall of the White House hung official portraits of successive presidents. Obama held a portrait unveiling ceremony for the last President George Bush in the third year (2012); George Bush held the ceremony for the previous President Clinton in 2004; Clinton hosted the ceremony for the old President Bush in 1995; The old Bush, in 1989, presided over the ceremony for the last president, Legian.

Trump ’s first term will expire in January next year. Sources revealed that in the remaining months, it is believed that Trump will not arrange time to invite Obama and his wife Michelle to return to the White House to hold the unveiling ceremony of their portraits.

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