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Seven weeks before the explosion, Madonna was infected: I thought I was suffering from severe flu.

The 61-year-old American pop star Madonna, who had been tested for anti-coronavirus antibodies on the social network earlier, was found to have a new crown pneumonia.

Madonna left a message online yesterday: “I am grateful to be a part of supporting research on the treatment of new coronary pneumonia! Just want to clarify for those who would rather believe in the sensational headlines than researching the nature of the virus. I have not recently I was sick. ”

Madonna self-exploded after being diagnosed with the infection 7 weeks ago:“ When you detect that you have antibodies, it means that you have a virus in your body, and I obviously have it. 7 weeks ago, I was suffering from the end of my tour in Paris I was sick, and many of the performers who participated in my concert were also infected. At that time, everyone thought that I was suffering from severe flu. Thank God, we are all healthy now. “

Madonna also earlier disclosed that 3 relatives and friends had died of new pneumonia. , But also refers to the pain at that time was grade 10 pain.

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