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The relationship between breathability and quality of masks

Activated charcoal anti-haze masks are household items that are not unfamiliar to everyone. They are called daily necessities because they are used frequently in life. The main function of the mask is to form a sealed space between the face and the mouth, so that the air passing through this space can be filtered.

As people demand quality of life, the types of masks are constantly changing to meet people’s requirements. In fact, this is a very good change, proving that people’s awareness of self-protection is constantly improving. Activated carbon anti-haze masks are also one of the types of masks that people use more in life or work.

Is there any inevitable connection between the breathability and quality of the mask? Most activated carbon anti-haze masks are standards for high-strength manufacturing products, and many items need to be tested.

The air permeability of the fabric is the nature of the fabric itself, which is closely related to the texture of the fabric and the method of fabric composition. Some of the main components of masks are textile fiber materials, and breathability is also a basic feature of masks. To a certain extent, the breathability of activated carbon anti-haze masks also determines other protective characteristics of the masks, such as comfort and filtering ability.

It is not difficult to see from the above content that the breathability and the quality of activated carbon anti-haze masks are still closely related. The high-quality masks will greatly improve the breathability and comfort, while protecting people. May cause pressure on the respiratory system.

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