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Thousands of confirmed cases in India’s largest slum

FILE- In this April 18, 2020 file photo, children wait to receive food distributed in a slum during a lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic in Mumbai, India. As Indians await details of a huge coronavirus relief package Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced to jump-start the economy, the virus outbreak in the financial capital of Mumbai and elsewhere in Maharashtra state is starting to overwhelm hospitals, prisons and slums, complicating any economic recovery plan. (AP Photo/Rajanish Kakade, File)

A total of 74281 cases were diagnosed in India, 24385 cases were cured, and 2415 cases were died. Mumbai is one of the most severely affected cities in India, with a total of 14,947 cases diagnosed and a total of 556 deaths. The Mumbai City Department of India said that the cumulative number of newly diagnosed cases in the Talavi slums in Mumbai increased to 1,028, and 40 people died of the disease.

It is reported that Talavi slum is the largest slum settlement in India, with dense population, narrow space and worrying sanitation. It is estimated that the number of local residents and migrant workers is between 800,000 and 1 million.

Since the first confirmed case was reported on April 1, the outbreak in the Talavi slums has continued to develop. According to Indian media reports, as the number of confirmed cases continues to increase, the Talawi slums have been designated as key epidemic areas by the local government, and many are classified as isolated areas for closed management.

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