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U.S. white police officers involved in violent law enforcement adjourn a week

American African-American men were killed after being pressed by white policemen, triggering demonstrations and riots in many places across the United States. Forty cities including Washington announced the extension of curfews on the evening of the 31st. In addition, Texas, Virginia, and Arizona Three states declared a state of emergency. The white police officer Xiao Wan involved in the case has been dismissed and charged with three-level murder and manslaughter. In addition, he may also be charged with more charges. It was originally scheduled to appear in court today, but court records show that the case was postponed until next Monday, without mentioning the reasons, and Xiao Wan was remanded in custody pending trial.

According to reports, Xiao Wan is facing charges of murder, and the wife of the beauty queen has filed for divorce. He is currently on the suicide watch list, and the amount he insured is $500,000. He is currently kept in a single cell in Ramsey County Jail in Sao Paulo City, with surveillance cameras monitoring 24 hours a day, and the prison sends people to check with his own eyes every 15 minutes to prevent him from committing suicide.

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