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Whether disposable masks can be used to kill viruses

Some friends will have such a question, although the purchase is a disposable mask,But I think it can be used repeatedly, and it needs to kill the mask, and then it can be used again.
The disposable masks after wearing can be boiled, sprayed with alcohol or disinfected by ultraviolet light to disinfect the used masks. Theoretically, it can eliminate the bacteria and viruses sticking to the mask, but these methods can eliminate In addition to the virus, the fibers of the melt-blown non-woven fabric will be destroyed, so that the function of the mask is reduced.

The functionality of disposable masks has declined. Even if the antivirus is more successful, when it is worn again, the mask is actually not defensive, so it does not make any sense to continue wearing it.


Therefore, since the disposable mask is selected, it should be used as required to ensure that the mask can truly play its role in the wearing process.
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