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Why did Abe suddenly expand the target of the emergency declaration to the whole country?

On the evening of the 16th, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that he would extend the scope of the emergency declaration to the entire territory of Japan. Why did Abe make this decision suddenly? The Japanese Current Affairs News published an analysis that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is continuing to spread in major cities in Japan. Abe aims to prevent large-scale personnel movements before the May Day Golden Week.

Although there are voices in Japan that extending the declaration of emergency to the whole of Japan may cause a blow to the economy and require caution, Abe insists on making this decision. On the 16th, there was “chaos” within the government because of the discovery of gold for every national. The News Agency pointed out that this sudden decision also hides the intention to dilute the internal chaos.

“In order to overcome the situation that can be described as a national crisis, all of Japan should work together.” On the evening of the 16th, Abe said at the government’s new coronary pneumonia countermeasures headquarters, and asked everyone to understand this “outrageous decision.”

When the government announced the emergency declaration, it also made a general analysis of the cumulative number of new coronary pneumonia infections in Japan, the time for doubling the number of infections, and people with unknown infection routes. Government officials said that based on the analysis of data, I wanted to expand the emergency declaration area to Aichi Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, etc., and announced on the 14th. Plan to proceed.

Due to the increasing number of infected people across Japan, many local governments are worried about “the collapse of the medical system” and have planned to issue emergency declarations on their own. In late March, Japan has a three-day break, during which the new crown epidemic has spread rapidly, and in late April will usher in the 51st Golden Week, how to deal with these situations has become increasingly urgent.

Japan News Agency said that in the morning of the 16th, the Japanese Prime Minister ’s residence and infectious disease experts have officially made corresponding adjustments. After much discussion in the middle, it was finally decided on the 16th that Abe ’s intention was to extend the scope of application of the emergency declaration to the entire territory of Japan. At the advisory committee held on the evening of the 16th, even the relevant information was not available, and it was obviously a “hurried political decision.”

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