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Ying diagnosed woman relapsed after hospitalization

The New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic is raging around the world. A 58-year-old female employee in the United Kingdom was diagnosed with New Coronary Pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital last month. After treatment, her condition improved and she was discharged. The condition changed sharply, and as a result the daughter couldn’t wait to come to say goodbye and passed away, still holding the pictures of her daughter and grandchildren at her deathbed.

Sue Cairns, a 58-year-old woman, worked as a nursing staff in the nursing home before her death. She last went to work on the 9th of last month. She later developed cough and was admitted to the hospital. However, after 4 days of discharge, the patient’s condition suddenly worsened, and he had difficulty breathing and was sent to hospital again.

While Sue Cairns was lingering on the hospital bed, she was holding photos of her daughter and granddaughter, but unfortunately failed to see them and died on the last side.

29-year-old daughter Laura recalled that her mother sent a text message to her during her lifetime, “I don’t feel very comfortable, but I can overcome it, I love you very much”, but when she rushed to the hospital, her mother had died, “When I When I went to the ward, my mother had left. I could only put on a protective clothing and say goodbye to her, but I couldn’t hug and kiss her. Until the last moment, she still held a photo of me and my 15-month-old daughter. “

Laura expressed the day before the death of her mother, who let her look through video calls granddaughter dancing,” I hope to revive her, we talked about what to do until she recovered, what to do after the lifting of isolation orders. “

Laura expressed her mother She suffered from pneumonia in December last year, and her physical condition is difficult to fight against the new crown virus. She also criticized the British government ’s inadequate support for nursing homes, which caused employees to work without adequate protective equipment. Sue once asked friends to sew cloth masks for her because she did not have a mask To continue working.

Sue Cairns was still holding pictures of her daughter and grandchildren at her deathbed.  (Net image)
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