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Study: Spain had a new coronavirus outbreak in China in March last year

After Spain lifted the epidemic prevention restrictions, crowds appeared on the beaches of Barcelona.  AP profile picture
After Spain lifted the epidemic prevention restrictions, crowds appeared on the beaches of Barcelona. AP profile picture

A Spanish researcher has been testing sewage samples collected in Barcelona since April this year, and finally found the virus genome in the samples collected in March 2019, 9 months earlier than the outbreak in China. The current study has been submitted for review.

The study was conducted by the team of the University of Barcelona. The team initially found traces of the virus in the sewage sample on January 15 this year. The first confirmed case of the new crown in Spain was notified on February 25, 2020, but the virus was in the local sewage 41 days ago. Appears in the sample. Subsequently, the team tested the samples collected from January 2018 to December 2019, and found the virus genome in one of the samples, and the collection date was March 12, 2019.

Albert Bosch, the head of the research team, said, “Although the content of the new coronavirus (in the sample) is very low, it is positive.” However, Joan Ramon Villalbi, chairman of the Spanish Association of Public Health and Sanitation Administration, believes that It is too early to make a conclusion, and the new coronavirus is similar to other respiratory tract infection viruses. There may be so-called false positives. More data, research, and samples are needed to confirm this result, and laboratory errors or research methods need to be excluded And other issues.

At present, the study has been submitted for review, which requires formal peer review and publication.

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India’s new crown diagnoses increased by 17,000 broken 500,000 government concentrated on reducing mortality

India’s new coronary pneumonia was diagnosed with an increase of 17,000 people, and the total number exceeded 500,000.  AP
India’s new coronary pneumonia was diagnosed with an increase of 17,000 people, and the total number exceeded 500,000. AP

The Indian government announced today (27th) that there were more than 17,000 new cases of new coronary pneumonia diagnosed in the country, and the cumulative number of diagnoses across the country exceeded 500,000, including more than 15,000 deaths. Ranked by the number of confirmed cases, India is already the fourth most severe country in the world, after the United States, Brazil, and Russia.

With the rapid increase in the number of diagnoses, local hospitals are already overwhelmed, and some cities, including the capital New Delhi, are rushing to build temporary admission centers that can accommodate thousands of beds to isolate or treat patients. New Delhi, with a population of about 20 million, currently has about 13,200 beds available for infected patients, and will add at least 20,000 beds in the next few weeks.

Dr. Mukkar, member of the government’s anti-epidemic task force and director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, stated clearly: “We should focus on avoiding deaths, not frustration because of numbers, because the number of diagnoses will increase.

Mu, professor of biostatistics at the University of Michigan Keji’s research team predicts that by July 15, the cumulative number of diagnoses in India will range from 770,000 to 925,000.

Indian citizens go to the hospital for consultation.  AP
Indian citizens go to the hospital for consultation. AP
Indian government school teachers and residents conducted surveys to record new health conditions.  AP
Indian government school teachers and residents conducted surveys to record new health conditions. AP
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Viral threat remains severe Merkel urges people to be cautious

Merkel called on the public to be cautious.  AP
Merkel called on the public to be cautious. AP

The German epidemic is showing signs of slowing down. German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged the public to remain cautious and avoid dangerous behaviors because the threat from the virus is still severe.

Merkel said in a weekly video speech: “It is easy for us to forget this, because so far Germany has passed the crisis more smoothly and smoothly, but this does not mean that we have been protected or escaped the danger.” She It was pointed out that the epidemic situation in some areas developed rapidly.

The German capital Berlin officially lifted social restrictions on the weekend (27th), and private parties no longer limit the number of people. As some federal states began their summer vacations, many people began to flock to seaside resorts.

In Germany, a total of 193,243 confirmed cases of new crowns, a total of 8954 deaths, and about 177,500 people were cured.

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More than half of the 62 confirmed cases in a single day in South Korea came from the metropolitan area

The authorities have stepped up detoxification of public facilities.  AP
The authorities have stepped up detoxification of public facilities. AP

South Korea added 62 new cases of new pneumonia in the past day, of which 40 were community infections, more than half came from the metropolitan area, 13 each from Seoul City and Gyeonggi Province, and the rest came from Daejeon and Gwangju.

It was confirmed after 8 days later that the diagnosis again rose to more than 60 cases, mainly due to factors such as the mass infection of churches in the metropolitan area, small-scale clustered infections and the continuous increase of overseas imported cases. The government earlier moved from the “strict social distance” stage to the “epidemic prevention stage”. At that time, the goal was to have fewer than 50 new cases per day, but this month it has failed to meet the standard for the ninth time.

At present, more than 12,000 people have been diagnosed in the country, with a total of 282 deaths. The number of people diagnosed in a church in Guanyue District, Seoul, with more than 1,700 believers, has increased to 22.

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More than 1,000 people in the German meat processing factory are infected with 6,500 people and need to be quarantined

More than 1,000 people in a meat processing factory in Germany were infected, and the government ordered the closure.  AP

A meat processing factory in Gütersloh County, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, recently reported a cluster infection of new coronavirus. As of yesterday (20th) afternoon, about 5,800 employees had been tested for viruses, and the number of confirmed infections rose to 1,029, or about 6,500. Employees and their families must be isolated. This is the most serious incident of collective infection since the “unblocking” of Germany.

The governor of Gutersloh County, Ardenne, said that for the local area, the outbreak was “unprecedented”, but there is still a chance to avoid the implementation of regional “closures”. The growth of confirmed cases is slowing down. The epidemic occurred mainly inside the factory and did not spread to local residents.

Gütersloh County has asked the plant to stop production for 14 days from yesterday to prevent the virus from spreading further. All about 6,500 employees of the factory and their families have been quarantined, and local primary and secondary schools and kindergartens are also required to suspend classes from last Thursday (18th) to 29th.

The plant initially reported the epidemic on Wednesday, and 400 employees tested positive that day. The number of diagnosed cases last Friday doubled to 803, and it climbed to 1029 yesterday.

China has banned meat imports from the factory last Wednesday.

Germany is one of the most successful countries in Europe to respond to the new coronary pneumonia crisis, but recently it has seen frequent confirmed cases by domestic food processors. These operators usually hire foreign workers and let them live in crowded company dormitories.

In Germany, there were more than 189,000 confirmed cases in the new crown, an increase of more than 600 from the previous day; more than 8,800 deaths were accumulated, an increase of 11 from the previous day.

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New York Museum of Natural History will remove Roosevelt statues

The New York Museum of Natural History will remove the Roosevelt Statue  AP map

Freud, an African-American man, was killed by a police officer on his knees, which set off a wave of anti-racial discrimination in the United States. The celebrity statues in history became the targets of demonstrators’ destruction. New York Mayor Bai Sihao said that the American Museum of Natural History would remove the bronze statue of Theodore Roosevelt that stood at the entrance for 80 years.

The bronze statue has been placed at the west entrance of Central Park in the Natural History Museum since 1940. Its shape is Roosevelt riding on horseback, with a Native American and an African man standing on either side. Over the past years, there have been voices calling for the removal of bronze statues, pointing out that bronze statues symbolize colonial expansion and racial discrimination.

New York Mayor Bai Sihao said in a statement that the city government supported the museum’s request to remove the statue of the late President Roosevelt, because the museum indicated that the statue clearly symbolized the black African and Indian ethnicity, white supremacy and colonialism. Remove this controversial bronze statue. Roosevelt’s great-grandson issued a statement supporting the decision, arguing that the statue design did not objectively reflect Roosevelt’s contribution.

It is temporarily unknown when the bronze statue will be removed and where it will be placed.

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Black throat uniform black film exposure New York police was suspended and pay investigation

The African American man Freud was killed by the police with his knees pressed against his neck, detonating anti-police and anti-racial discrimination demonstrations across the United States. New York Governor Como signed a series of new regulations to end the improper police enforcement of blacks, including the prohibition of throat locks. However, in Queens, New York, when a passer-by photographed four police officers teaming up to subdue a black man, one of the police officers was locked and investigated for suspension after the incident.

Movie screenshot

The film was about 29 seconds long and occurred at 8:45 a.m. local time on Sunday. The scene was on the avenue near Rockaway Beach. The black man in a uniform locked by the police officer was 35-year-old Ricky Bellevue. . He was standing with two white men at the time. The two white men were filming the police officer involved, sneered, and surrounded them again.

Movie screenshot

When Bellevue approached the policeman’s camcorder, the film showed him pressed to the ground. Bellevue was holding a white plastic bag in his left hand, but a police officer pointed to something in his hand. Bellevue then said to a police officer: “Are you afraid, are you afraid?” Bellevue then entangled with four police officers, one of whom was locked up against him. At that time, Bellevue faced down, and the remaining three police officers tried to handcuff him. At this time, the two white men who filmed the policeman shouted: “He can’t breathe”, and others said he fainted. One of the police officers clapped on the back to signal the police officer who locked the throat, and then the police officer loosened Belvey’s neck. Bellevue was taken to the hospital for treatment afterwards, with a scar on his head. The news indicated that Bellevue’s representative lawyer said that Bellevue had lost consciousness after being locked up, but also that Bellevue could stand up afterwards.

The New York police said that the police officer involved in the lock, David Afanador, had been suspended and paid for investigation. New York City Police Department Chief Dermot Shea said that after the preliminary investigation, such actions by the police involved are unnecessary, and the police will be open and transparent when conducting a full investigation.

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Biden approves “surrender” to new crown epidemic, Trump refutes spread of panic

Former Vice President Biden, who was nominated as a presidential candidate by the United States Democratic Party, yesterday (17th) criticized President Trump for surrendering to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, failing to prepare for the second possible outbreak ready. Trump is scheduled to hold his first major campaign rally in months in Tulsa, Oklahoma this Saturday (20th), but the latest data show that the number of confirmed diagnoses in 22 states nationwide has rebounded. Including Oklahoma, Arizona and Texas.

Biden said at an event and speech in Philadelphia: “In the process of fighting this virus, the American people have sacrificed too much… We may lose some of the progress we began to make, all because of him. (Trump) has lost interest. Now, he is just surrendering in this fight.” Biden also pointed out that Trump is eager to restart the campaign rally and put others in danger.

According to the latest data provided by Johns Hopkins University, more than 8.329 million people have been infected with the New Coronary Pneumonia virus and more than 448,000 people have died. The United States continues to top the list, with more than 2.162 million people diagnosed nationwide and more than 117,000 deaths. Experts warn that the epidemic is still far away from the end, and worry that there will be another big outbreak by the end of this year.

Oklahoma Health Department officials urged those who plan to attend the Trump campaign rally to be tested before attending, and to be isolated and tested again after attendance. Elders aged 65 or above and other high-risk persons are best left at home.

Oklahoma had 259 newly diagnosed cases yesterday, more than 2,600 in Florida, more than 1,800 in Arizona, and more than 3,100 in Texas. The outbreaks in Nevada and Oregon are also worrying.

A spokesman for the Trump campaign countered Biden’s remarks, saying that Trump and his government have been fighting the epidemic regardless of partisanship, and that Biden just sat aside and did nothing but spread panic.

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Trump campaign ads accused of using Nazi symbols were removed by Facebook

Social media Facebook (FB) removed a campaign ad for President Trump and Vice President Pence on the grounds of violating the company’s policy of prohibiting hatred. The inverted red triangle-shaped symbol shown in the advertisement called on Trump supporters to counteract the “Antifascism Movement” (Antifa), which was used by Nazi Germany to label political prisoners, communists, and prisoners in concentration camps. Facebook said that unless condemned, symbols with hate ideology are not allowed.

Antifa is the abbreviation of anti-fascist (anti-fascist). It refers to a group of radicals secretly assembled in recent years. Their political beliefs are left-leaning, and they often become ultra-leftists. , Trump claimed that the recent violent demonstrations were planned by “anti-fascism.”

Nathaniel Gleicher, head of Facebook’s security policy, said at the House Intelligence Committee hearing: “Our policy prohibits the use of the logo of a prohibited hatred group to identify politics without condemning or discussing the symbol. Guilty.”, “We see hatred in advertisements, and use this logo anywhere, we will take the same action.”

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh pointed out via email: “Advertisement uses red The inverted triangle is the logo used by Antifa, so this red inverted triangle appears in the advertisement about Antifa.”

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Affected grandmother’s condition deteriorated when she was sent to hospital

New pneumonia has claimed countless lives. A woman in Mexico was sent to hospital last Monday (8th) due to new pneumonia symptoms, but her condition suddenly deteriorated while waiting in the car. Risk of illness, immediately apply artificial respiration, but unfortunately the grandmother eventually returned to the soul, and the grandchildren couldn’t help but mourn and cried.

The incident occurred outside the parking lot of a hospital in the capital of Mexico City. The elderly woman had symptoms such as breathlessness in the morning. The family immediately drove her to the hospital when she saw the situation, but the elderly woman’s condition suddenly deteriorated while waiting in the car. Her grandson I hurried back to the car to find out that my grandmother had lost consciousness. The man was in a hurry and ignored the risk of being infected. He gave artificial respiration to the grandmother. Other relatives also tried to wake the old woman. Unfortunately, she had not responded. The personnel came forward and found that the old woman had no pulse and declared her death.

The man learned that his grandmother’s death was very sad, and wept bitterly while holding his body. The autopsy report confirmed that the old woman had a positive reaction to the new coronavirus, but no symptoms have appeared after the infection. As for the grandchildren who first aided him, it is temporarily unknown whether the diagnosis is confirmed.