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News! Canadian shooting has killed 17 people, including gunmen

 According to Reuters news, the Canadian shooting has killed 17 people, including the gunman.

The local police said that the suspect was driving a “police car” when he committed the crime. He had shot civilians at multiple locations.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), it just happened that in Nova Scotia, Canada, it occurred on the evening of the 18th local time and did not end until the day of the 19th. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) stated that the gunman pretended to be a policeman at the time of the incident.

The police released a photo of the suspect and said he was posing as a policeman when he committed the crime.

According to reports, the gunman is a 51-year-old male Gabriel Waterman. Police revealed that the gunman “may be wearing a Royal Mounted Police uniform” when committing the crime. The shooting took place on the evening of the 18th local time and did not end until the day of the 19th. CBC said that around 11:40 a.m. local time on the 19th, the police ended the hunt near a gas station about 35 kilometers north of Halifax, New Mexico. The gunman was confirmed later that day.

The police said that the current case is only a preliminary investigation, and the motive of the gunman to commit the crime is unclear. However, CBC said that a staff member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said later on the 19th that the current shooting was not related to terrorist activities.

The BBC also mentioned that the matter also alarmed Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, who condemned it as “a terrible situation”. McNeil of Nova Scotia also expressed angrily, “This is one of the most meaningless acts of violence in the history of our province.”

According to a report by the Canadian Global Post, the police said that 51-year-old suspect Gabriel Waterman runs a dental clinic.

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Tunisia infection cases increased to 879 cases will extend curfew until May 3

China News Service, April 20, according to Kuwait News Agency, on the 19th local time, the Tunisian Ministry of Health stated that 13 people in Tunisia had tested positive for the new coronavirus in the past 24 hours, increasing the number of people infected with the new coronavirus to 879 .

In a statement, the Tunisian Ministry of Health stated that in the past 24 hours, a total of 766 virus tests have been conducted. The test results showed that 13 people were infected. In addition, since the outbreak in the country, 38 people have died of the new coronavirus.

The Tunisian Ministry of Health urges everyone to abide by social alienation and curfew regulations.

At the same time, the government decided to extend the curfew for another two weeks until the end of May 3.

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U.S. military sends special forces to protect capital from attacks

As confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia continue to rise, the Mayor of Washington, DC, Muriel Bauze announced on the 15th that the local emergency will be extended by one month. Federal officials say that the Washington area and Maryland and Virginia may have outbreaks like New York.

According to a report on the US News Weekly website, a senior military officer said: “No one wants to talk about evacuation, especially when there is nowhere to go.” The report said that a little-known military mission responsible for evacuating Washington The troops have already started. The task force is responsible for the government ’s most sensitive task, which is to protect Washington from domestic and foreign attackers, and to transfer the White House and other important government offices to other locations if necessary.

The National Capital Region ’s Joint Working Group on Combating Terrorism (JTF-NCR) was launched on March 16 and is responsible for defending Washington in land, air, and even waterfront areas. As the only working group in the country, it demonstrates both sides of the government’s preparations. On the one hand, facing the public, as well as other parts of the country, do a good job of medical security, delivery of materials and health checkpoints.

On the other hand, the Joint Working Group on Combating Terrorism is responsible for the military’s “homeland defense”, that is, how to respond to various types of armed attacks against the United States, from guarding the sky in Washington to responding to internal disturbances if nuclear weapons are detonated in the capital. The most direct task of the working group is to ensure the continuity of the government. Once the evacuation of the capital is ordered, they will transfer the leaders to a secret location.

Since the National Guard began operations nationwide, US Department of Defense officials have insisted that soldiers will not perform secret missions, nor will they supervise or enforce everyone ’s isolation. The Ministry of Defense also denied reports of martial law or other extreme emergency plans. The Ministry of Defense stated that the guard is under the strict control of the governor, while the Federal Army supports civil agencies such as the Federal Emergency Measures Agency.

However, with the launch of the joint working group on combating terrorist activities in the national capital, nearly 10,000 military and police personnel executed special orders, which is contrary to the statement of the Ministry of National Defense. The National Capital Region ’s Joint Working Group on Combating Terrorism is real and is in operation. Some missions report directly to the Minister of Defense, and some troops are currently on standby 24/7. They are isolated at military bases to ensure that they are not protected by the new crown virus The effect of ensuring the state of combat readiness.

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More than 23,000 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were diagnosed in the United States

(Original title: More than 23,000 newly diagnosed new pneumonia cases have been diagnosed in the United States, and a total of more than 650,000 cases have been diagnosed)

【Overseas Network April 17 | Full-time epidemic time zone】 According to the statistics of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Situation of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 6:30 on April 17, Beijing time, a total of 658,263 cases were diagnosed and died 32186 cases. Compared with the data at 6:30 the previous day, there were 23,288 newly confirmed cases and 4,246 new deaths in the United States.

New York State is the “most severely affected area” in the United States. According to the latest data released by New York State on the local time on the 16th, New York State has accumulatively confirmed 222,284 cases, with 8505 new cases confirmed in a single day, 14,776 deaths, and 746 new cases in a single day. In New Jersey, another epidemic-stricken area, 75317 cases have been diagnosed and 3518 cases have died.

[Globally confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia exceed 2.1 million deaths and more than 140,000]

According to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 2:30 on April 17, Beijing time, the cumulative number of new cases of new coronary pneumonia has exceeded 2.1 million, reaching 2113226 cases; the cumulative death case has exceeded 140,000, reaching 140371 .

[United Nations: More than 300,000 Africans may be killed by the new coronary pneumonia]

On April 16, local time, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa released a report entitled “COVID-19: Protecting Africa’s Life and Economy”, saying that more than 300,000 Africans will be killed by the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The most direct reason is that as the epidemic continues to spread on the African continent, Africa ’s economic growth rate will drop from 3.2% to at least 1.8%, which will bring nearly 27 million people into extreme poverty.

【Additional 3786 cases! Accumulative diagnosis of 168941 cases and 22170 deaths in Italy】

According to the latest news from Reuters, Italy reported on the 16th local time that there were 3786 new cases of new pneumonia diagnosed, with a total of 168941 cases; 525 new deaths, with a total of 22170 deaths. The report said that newly diagnosed cases in Italy have rebounded after having fallen for 4 consecutive days.

[Additional 2641 cases! Cumulatively diagnosed 108847 cases and 17920 deaths in France]

On the evening of April 16, local time, the Director of the French Health Agency Salomon said at the epidemic conference that evening, as of that day, France had cumulatively diagnosed 108847 new cases of pneumonia, an increase of 2641 cases from the previous day. A total of 17,920 deaths were reported, an increase of 753 from the previous day; a total of 11,060 deaths from hospitals, an increase of 417 from the previous day; 6860 deaths from pension institutions and other social institutions, an increase of 336 from the previous day.

[British epidemic mortality rate exceeds 13% Foreign Minister: “Fengcheng” extended for three weeks]

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), on the 16th local time, the British Foreign Secretary Rab, who was temporarily acting as prime minister, said at the epidemic briefing that the current “closed city” measures taken by the United Kingdom will be extended for at least three weeks.

[Putin: Postponed military parade on the Victory Day of the Great Patriotic War due to epidemic situation]

According to the latest news from Russia Today (RT), on the 16th local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that in view of the current impact of the new crown epidemic, the military parade to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Patriotic War will be postponed on May 9. Putin said that with the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, holding large-scale gatherings such as military parades would pose a great risk to public health. Putin added that he is instructing the defense minister and local government to do a good job in postponing the military parade.

【Portuguese newly added 750 cases of new coronary pneumonia confirmed a total of 18841 cases】

On April 16, local time, Portugal added 750 newly diagnosed patients with new coronary pneumonia. As of 11 a.m. on April 16, a total of 18,841 cases were diagnosed in Portugal, including 11237 cases in the north, 4237 cases in the Lisbon area, 2756 cases in the central region, 300 cases in the Algarve, 156 cases in Alentejo, 102 cases in Azores, Ma 53 cases. A total of 493 cases were cured, 629 cases were dead, and 154727 cases were suspected.

【Canada ’s New Coronary Pneumonia Diagnosis Case Breaks 30,000 Deaths to 1193 Cases】

According to the statistics of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic released in Canada on the 16th local time, as of now (17:40 on the 16th local time), there have been 30092 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Canada and 1193 deaths.

【A total of 1061 new cases of new coronary pneumonia diagnosed in the Netherlands totaled 29214 cases】

According to the latest data from the official website of the Dutch Ministry of Health on the 16th, in the past 24 hours, there have been 1061 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the country, with a total of 29214 confirmed cases; 181 new cases of deaths, a total of 3315 cases.

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“Poison King” bat is really a walking virus bank, researchers have newly discovered 6 kinds of coronavirus

A sudden new coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) completely changed the way we opened in 2020. Today, as of 7:15 on April 14, Beijing time, more than 2 million cases have been diagnosed worldwide. Among them, the number of confirmed cases in the United States soared to 680,000.Under the rampant epidemic, scientists have been trying to figure out the chain of transmission of the new coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2). All the current discussions on the source of the virus are actually speculation. At the moment, one theory is considered most likely-the virus comes from bats.In order to determine the “primitive virus type”, researchers at the University of Cambridge in the UK recently analyzed the data of 160 new coronavirus genomes collected from around the world from December 24, 2019 to March 4, 2020, and found The main variants of SARS-Cov-2 were named A, B and C according to the amino acid changes.Among them, type A virus is the closest to coronavirus found in bats and pangolins. It is the original virus type. Type B is derived from type A and type C is derived from type B. In addition, the distribution of the three types of variants in the world is different, and the difference is very large. Types A and C are mostly found in Europeans and Americans. Type B is the most common type in East Asia.Researchers at the University of Cambridge said that the study showed that the first case of new coronary pneumonia may be the transmission of bats to humans, which occurred between September 13 and December 7, 2019. Related research results were published in the “PNAS” magazine. to unique life history characteristics, including sustained flight ability, long-distance distribution potential, concentration in densely populated areas, and adaptability to suburban environments, bats are natural hosts for many zoonotic pathogens and are truly walking “virus database”.So, what other coronaviruses originate from bats? Recently, researchers from the Smithsonian National Animal Park and Nature Conservation Institute of the United States have newly harvested free-range bats in Myanmar. They have discovered six new coronaviruses for the first time. Related research results were published in the journal “PLOS ONE”.Coronaviruses are a large family that includes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and the recent new crown epidemic “pandemic” (SARS-CoV-2). It should be emphasized that the six viruses identified in the latest research do not seem to be closely related to the pathogens that cause the above three diseases., in the latest study, the researchers conducted sampling and data collection at three selected locations in Myanmar (high probability of human-animal interaction) between May 2016 and August 2018, from Saliva and fecal samples were collected from more than 400 bats representing 11 species, mainly to detect coronavirus in free-range bats living near the human community.In the end, the researchers detected coronavirus in the 48 samples they collected and identified a total of 7 different viruses, 6 of which were previously unknown. The researchers pointed out that further research is needed to fully understand the potential of these six new coronaviruses to spread to other species and their impact on human health, and to take precautions to prevent future outbreaks.The authors of the latest research say that the importance of bats to ecosystems and human communities, while at the same time being a natural reservoir for many zoonotic pathogens, poses a challenge to disease control. These findings underscore the importance of monitoring zoonotic diseases in wild animals. These results will guide future monitoring of bat populations to better detect their potential viral threat to public health.Nowadays, outbreaks of new infectious diseases (EID) have become more frequent, and about 40 species have been identified since the 1970s, such as Ebola virus, SARS, Hendra, swine flu, and Nipah virus, etc. . About 60-75% of EIDs are considered “animal infectious”, and 70% of them originate from wild animals. What we can do is to respect nature, respect life, and follow the laws of nature.

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The United States will ban the export of key medical supplies; Paricalcitol injection will win the enemy again

  1. Merck’s Keytruda “Unlimited Cancer Species” Receives Priority Review by FDA

On the 8th, Merck & Co. announced that the US FDA has accepted the company’s second application for a license for supplementary biological products of “unlimited cancer species” for the key PD-1 inhibitor Keytruda. This application seeks accelerated approval of Keytruda for the treatment of patients with unresectable or metastatic solid tumors with high tumor mutation burden. The FDA also granted priority review qualification for this application and is expected to respond by June 18 this year. (WuXi PharmaTech)

  1. The United States will ban the export of key medical supplies

CNN reported on the 8th that according to a draft federal regulation, US companies will be banned from exporting key medical supplies used in response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The US Emergency Management Agency and Customs and Border Protection will be responsible for the implementation of the ban. The two institutions said on the 8th that they are “working together to prevent domestic middlemen, distributors and other intermediaries from transferring these important medical resources abroad.” (CCTV News)

  1. Paricalcitol injection meets its rivals again, three domestic companies will siege AbbVie

Recently, Chengdu Yuandong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.’s application for paricalcitol injection has completed the review process, and the latest status is “under approval”, which is expected to welcome good news in the near future. Paricalcitol injection was first developed and marketed by AbbVie. It was approved for import in China in 2013. Hengrui was approved for the first imitation in 2018. In December 2019, Shanxi Weiqida Guangming Pharmaceutical became the second approved Domestic enterprises.

  1. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: ECOM and other high-end medical equipment domestic enterprises are still unable to produce

Chen Kelong, deputy director of the First Department of Equipment Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, introduced at the press conference of the Joint Defense and Joint Control Mechanism of the State Council on the 8th. During the epidemic prevention process, some shortcomings and weaknesses in the development of the industry were also highlighted. Enterprises cannot produce, insufficient supply of invasive ventilators, etc., some products need to be improved, and the standard system is not yet perfect. At present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is organizing experts in the fields of health care, medical equipment, etc. to thoroughly sort out the shortcomings and weaknesses of medical equipment, study and take effective measures to break through the bottlenecks of key core technologies, parts and equipment, and accelerate the completion of China’s high-end medical equipment Short board. (Economic Daily News)

  1. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: China’s new coronary pneumonia-related API exports have recently grown against the trend

Cao Xuejun, deputy director of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that there are more than 1,500 manufacturers of APIs in China, with an output of more than 3 million tons in 2019 and more than 1 million tons of exports. The production of vitamins, antibiotics, antipyretics and analgesics in China accounts for more than 60% of the global output, and some products can reach 80%. From the current point of view, in the first quarter of this year, the output of APIs is basically the same as last year. The production of APIs has fully recovered. Due to the recent difficulties in logistics and transportation, the actual export volume of APIs has decreased by about 20% compared with last year, but it is related to the treatment of new coronary pneumonia Of APIs have grown against the trend.

  1. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA): FDA and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) jointly sent a letter to Genesis II Church of Health and Healing to market dangerous chlorine dioxide products, claiming to be used for treatment, or preventing infection with the new coronavirus Warning. It was reported that after drinking chlorine dioxide products, the body had serious adverse reactions.
  2. BGI will assist the Serbian government in building two “Fire Eye” laboratories

On April 8, the Serbian government and BGI signed a cooperation agreement, entrusting BGI to build two “Fire Eye” virus detection laboratories in Serbia, which are located in the capital of Belgrade and the southern city of Niš. After completion, the total detection capacity will reach 3000 per day One sample will greatly improve the detection capacity of the CSFV and help the Cypriot side fight the epidemic. (Shenzhen News Network)

  1. China’s large-scale production of ventilator? Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Be sober

Chen Kelong, deputy director of the Department of Equipment Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said on the 8th that with the supply of key parts and components, China’s invasive ventilator’s weekly production capacity is about 2200 units, which is less than one-fifth of the world’s production capacity. reality. Therefore, in the context of the epidemic, large-scale production increases through expansion and conversion are basically impossible in the short term and difficult in the long term.

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Doctors gamble on using anticoagulant drugs to rescue patients with new coronavirus

That woman is dying. Mount Sinai Hospital in New York is about to call her husband and tell him there is nothing he can try. Later Dr. Human Poole took a bet.

Faced with high-stress, high-risk decisions, doctors around the world are crazy, trying to find out how COVID-19 killed their patients so that they can try new methods to fight back.

An evolving theory is that in the most severely ill patients, there are very few blood clots blocking the lungs.

Poole couldn’t prove it. The required testing will further endanger his staff, who are already at risk of contracting the virus. But lung experts found some “surprising blood clots”. So Poole took out a medicine for stroke and held his breath.

“I said,” What are we actually losing? “Poole told The Associated Press. “It was then that I decided not only to use blood thinners for patients, but also to use clot scavengers for them.”

At least in some patients with COVID-19, what happened to the blood clot is a mystery.

Chinese doctors first issued an alarm. In March this year, Chinese cardiologists recommended that the American College of Cardiology pay attention to blood clots, and said that certain blood tests showed an increased risk of blood clots, which may prompt which patients are in the most dangerous state. Other reports indicate that blood clots will appear throughout the body. But will they cause deterioration or just influence?

Many hospitals are already trying prophylactic doses of blood thinners to prevent the formation of blood clots. There is a huge controversy about which drugs to try, what doses are safe-these drugs may cause dangerous bleeding-and when to start treatment.

In New York, Poole did a further study on a drug called tPA, which does not prevent blood clots—it breaks down blood clots.

In the absence of a vaccine or approval to treat coronavirus, many overwhelmed doctors are following clues to find out what to do next. This is an example.

After the 55-year-old patient received an extreme ventilation technique called “prone position”, even if the doctor turned her to her abdomen, she did not get enough oxygen. She was shocked, and other organs also quickly failed. Twenty minutes after the injection of tPA, her oxygen level rose. Poole was full of joy. But the good times are not long.

“Her condition improved, but then it started to deteriorate again,” Poole said. “We are probably breaking down the blood clot, but she is immediately forming a blood clot in the blood vessel.” Therefore, Poole next tried some novel methods to make this woman receive a low-dose tPA injection with blood thinner for about 24 Hours, hoping to block new blood clots while removing existing ones.

What disappointed Poole was that this experimental treatment would only allow her to live a few more days. On Friday, April 10, she suddenly died of a different complication. But on April 3 last weekend, Poole’s team tested this new anticoagulant method on four other critically ill patients. One of them did not survive and died of cardiac arrest because of a large blood clot in his heart.

The remaining patients had improved oxygen content and shock symptoms. As of Friday, April 10, there are still three people using the ventilator, but the situation has improved, especially one of them received treatment shortly after lung failure. In a new report, Poole called for an urgent study on whether abnormal blood coagulation will cause some people’s condition to deteriorate, although his hospital has updated treatment recommendations for the most severely ill patients.

Other people have the same idea. Experts from the University of Colorado and Harvard recently published a similar tPA research report and listed three other cases.

Dr. Steven Pugliese, a lung specialist at the University of Pennsylvania, said, “We are taking care of those patients who are about to leave us and we cannot take any diagnostic tests,” but still must Make treatment decisions.

Pulis called Poole’s tPA report “very attractive” and concluded: “These doctors are making a judgment about these dying patients who are about to die. This is the right thing.

However, due to the risk of bleeding, research must be conducted on carefully selected patients, especially when there is no good way to determine in advance who actually has these small blood clots, Price said.

For the first time, Poole noticed the strange thing that his intensive care unit (ICU) was packed with patients and they did not respond to the treatments expected by the doctor.

After acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), they used a ventilator. This is an inflammatory form of lung failure that can cause the lungs to harden when caused by other infections.

At least early, Poole did not see this.

“For every patient, this is like” Groundhog Day “,” he said. Their oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are severely abnormal, but “surprisingly, their lungs are not stiff.”

Poole recalled that Italian doctors discovered the same situation and wrote in a journal of the American Thoracic Society that COVID-19 caused atypical acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

Back at Pripps Hospital, when a patient with a good respiratory system looks a little awake, the alarm will sound when the patient’s blood oxygen level drops immediately.

“The resident doctor will yell at me,” Poole recalled. “In acute respiratory distress syndrome, we think the typical cause is lung failure.” But the new coronavirus is not.

Poole often treats an emergency called pulmonary embolism. A large blood clot in the lung can quickly kill. The COVID-19 patient does not look very similar. Their heart pumps blood into the lungs effortlessly.

Then Poole remembered a rare disease when he was washing his clothes at 2am. Some people had abnormal pulmonary vasodilation, while others had blocked blood vessels. Poole believes that if this can explain the contradiction of blood clots in COVID-19 patients, it may be helpful.

“I did five series of cases. This does not prove anything,” Poole said. “Maybe this brings some possibilities, in which further research can explore what happened to the blood clot.”

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Japan reappears hospital collective infection, nearly 100 patients and medical diagnosis

According to the statistics of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in Johns Hopkins University of the United States, as of 6:30 a.m. Beijing time, there were more than 1.84 million confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the world, a total of 1840093 cases, of which 55,016 were diagnosed in the United States .

The cumulative number of diagnoses in the United States exceeds 550,000

The epidemic in Latin America continues to spread

Johns? According to data from Hopkins University, as of 7:25 on the 13th, Beijing time, the United States has more than 550,000 confirmed cases and more than 22,000 deaths, making it the country with the most confirmed and dead cases in the world.

Statistics show that New York State is the most severely affected area in the United States, with more than 180,000 confirmed cases. New York Governor Como announced that it will continue to expand its new coronary pneumonia detection capabilities. He also said that he hopes to link up with New Jersey and Connecticut to promote the return to work, but the exact timing is still being observed.

The U.S. Department of Labor recently released data showing that since March 13, at least 16 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits, a record high.

On the other hand, the epidemic situation in Latin America continues to spread. As of the 11th local time, the total number of confirmed cases reported by countries in the region has approached 60,000. Among them, Brazil, Ecuador and Chile have the most severe epidemics. Brazil announced that it will build a 200-bed square cabin hospital in Manaus, the capital of the Amazon State.

Mass infection in another hospital in Tokyo

Nearly 100 patients and medical staff diagnosed

According to Japan ’s “Daily News” report on the 13th, Tokyo reported on the 12th that a hospital in Nakano District had 87 new cases of new coronary pneumonia diagnosed on that day, and a total of 92 cases were diagnosed. Earlier, a total of 163 cases were diagnosed in a hospital in Taitung District, and a total of 20 deaths.

According to reports, the Nakano Ekoda Hospital in Nakano-ku, Tokyo reported to the health department on the 1st that there were patients with suspected symptoms of new coronary pneumonia such as fever. On the 4th, 5 patients in the hospital were tested positive for new crown virus. About 100 patients and medical staff in the hospital were subsequently tested, and 87 of them were diagnosed on the 12th. Most of the diagnosed patients are currently in hospital. Because the patients in the hospital are mainly elderly, the Tokyo Health Department is investigating whether there are serious patients and deaths. According to the information published by the hospital’s official website, Jiang Gutian Hospital has 173 beds, and it has temporarily suspended receiving patients from the 5th.

According to NHK reports, the number of newly diagnosed cases in Japan exceeded 500 again on the 12th, and the cumulative number has exceeded 7,000. To prevent the spread of the epidemic, the Japanese government previously announced that Tokyo, Osaka and other seven prefectures entered a state of emergency, which lasted until May 6.

British Prime Minister Boris discharged

Video recording thanks to medical staff

In the afternoon of April 12th, local time in London, England, on Downing Street on the 10th, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was discharged from St. Thomas Hospital after 8 days of admission treatment. After being discharged from the hospital, he will go to Chequers country house for a period of recuperation, and will not be immediately put into work.

At 15:00 local time on the 12th, local time, Johnson uploaded a 5-minute video and a text on his personal social media, saying, “At this moment, it is difficult for me to express my gratitude to the NHS medical staff in words, they saved my life. , I owe them a life. The effort of millions of people throughout the UK to “stay at home” is worth it. We have overcome many challenges together, and now we will overcome this challenge together. “

On the 27th of last month, Boris Johnson was diagnosed with new coronavirus. After 10 days of self-quarantine, Johnson continued to be admitted to the hospital on the 5th of this month due to the continued symptoms. As the symptoms worsened the following night, he was transferred to the intensive care unit as a preventive measure. On the evening of the 9th, Johnson’s physical condition improved and he left the intensive care unit, but remained in hospital for treatment until he was discharged on the afternoon of the 12th.

European epidemic situation slows down

On the 12th, Italy reported 4092 newly diagnosed cases, with a total of 156363 cases; 431 new death cases, with a cumulative death of 19989 cases. Reuters said that the number of new deaths in Italy was the lowest since March 19.

The German Federal Disease Control Agency Robert? The data released by the Koch Institute on the 12th showed that 120479 people were diagnosed and 2673 died in Germany; 60200 people were cured, and 57606 people were diagnosed. This is the first time since the outbreak in Germany that the number of people cured has surpassed the existing confirmed cases.

The French Ministry of Health announced on the 12th that due to repeated statistical problems, the cumulative number of diagnoses dropped to 95,403 cases, with a total of 14,393 deaths. The data shows that the number of severely ill patients in France has declined for four consecutive days. The Director General of the French Health Agency said the epidemic “platform period” is taking shape, reminding the public to continue to be vigilant.

In addition, the data released by Spain on the 12th showed that the number of new cases in the country continued to decline, but the number of new deaths in a single day rebounded.

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Among pregnant women, the proportion of asymptomatic infections of New Coronary Pneumonia virus is as high as 80%

Medical professionals generally believe that asymptomatic infections have a certain degree of infectivity, but the infectivity is generally weaker, and the infectivity is much lower than those with symptomatic infections. However, several recent research results published in Germany and the United States have made the public aware of the scale and potential risks of asymptomatic infections, which may be much larger than previously predicted. However, the proportion of asymptomatic infections of new coronary pneumonia and the risks are currently not well understood. Whether an asymptomatic person can be infected has always been a topic of great concern.

Recently, “Natural” magazine published a paper entitled “Virology Evaluation of New Coronavirus Pneumonia in Inpatients”. The research of the German scientist Christian Trausen team showed that no new virus was isolated after 8 days of the emergence of new coronary pneumonia symptoms The patient does not take live virus for a long time. For details, see: Nature: Four major characteristics of the new coronavirus have been discovered, which helps to change the prevention and control strategy. Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recently pointed out that as many as 25% of new coronavirus infections in the United States are asymptomatic infections, which may be one of the reasons that the virus continues to spread after the implementation of isolation measures.

But researchers in the United States provided new data in a sample study of 215 pregnant women, showing that the number of asymptomatic infections is 7.25 times that of patients with new coronary pneumonia. This new research result was published in the well-known medical journal “New England Medical Journal” on April 13th.

The study was conducted from March 22 to April 4 at the New York Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Irvine Medical Center. The researchers screened the 215 women who were about to give birth to new symptoms of coronary pneumonia and also performed nucleic acid tests. Of the 215 pregnant women, only 4 had fever or other symptoms upon admission, and all of them tested positive for the virus. 210 of the remaining 211 women were asymptomatic, and 29 of them tested positive.

Therefore, of the 33 diagnosed pregnant women, 29 (approximately 87.9%) were asymptomatic, and they did not realize that they were infected with the virus. These 29 asymptomatic infections were 7.25 times that of patients with new coronary pneumonia (4 cases). In addition, there was a pregnant woman who had a negative test result, but after delivery, she developed symptoms of new coronary pneumonia. According to the results of the study, she received another test three days after the first test.

In this sampling study, among patients who tested positive, asymptomatic infections were 7.25 times that of patients with new coronary pneumonia, which shows the risk of asymptomatic infections and the need for large-scale testing. Of course, because the sample of this study is relatively limited, more studies are needed for comparison. Jawad, president and chief scientist of Integrated BioTherapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology company started by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the US Department of Defense, and the Maryland State Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) (seed round) Oman (M. Javad Aman) said: (asymptomatic infections have such high infectivity) is very likely. However, this study did not excavate the problem of false negatives. But it shows that people who are asymptomatic may be positive. The false negative phenomenon may exacerbate our underestimation of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.

Javad Oman pointed out that randomized studies on the entire population are now needed, and only through antibody testing and controlled studies can we accurately understand the state of illness and recovery of people in a region.