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Trump campaign ads accused of using Nazi symbols were removed by Facebook

Social media Facebook (FB) removed a campaign ad for President Trump and Vice President Pence on the grounds of violating the company’s policy of prohibiting hatred. The inverted red triangle-shaped symbol shown in the advertisement called on Trump supporters to counteract the “Antifascism Movement” (Antifa), which was used by Nazi Germany to label political prisoners, communists, and prisoners in concentration camps. Facebook said that unless condemned, symbols with hate ideology are not allowed.

Antifa is the abbreviation of anti-fascist (anti-fascist). It refers to a group of radicals secretly assembled in recent years. Their political beliefs are left-leaning, and they often become ultra-leftists. , Trump claimed that the recent violent demonstrations were planned by “anti-fascism.”

Nathaniel Gleicher, head of Facebook’s security policy, said at the House Intelligence Committee hearing: “Our policy prohibits the use of the logo of a prohibited hatred group to identify politics without condemning or discussing the symbol. Guilty.”, “We see hatred in advertisements, and use this logo anywhere, we will take the same action.”

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh pointed out via email: “Advertisement uses red The inverted triangle is the logo used by Antifa, so this red inverted triangle appears in the advertisement about Antifa.”

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Affected grandmother’s condition deteriorated when she was sent to hospital

New pneumonia has claimed countless lives. A woman in Mexico was sent to hospital last Monday (8th) due to new pneumonia symptoms, but her condition suddenly deteriorated while waiting in the car. Risk of illness, immediately apply artificial respiration, but unfortunately the grandmother eventually returned to the soul, and the grandchildren couldn’t help but mourn and cried.

The incident occurred outside the parking lot of a hospital in the capital of Mexico City. The elderly woman had symptoms such as breathlessness in the morning. The family immediately drove her to the hospital when she saw the situation, but the elderly woman’s condition suddenly deteriorated while waiting in the car. Her grandson I hurried back to the car to find out that my grandmother had lost consciousness. The man was in a hurry and ignored the risk of being infected. He gave artificial respiration to the grandmother. Other relatives also tried to wake the old woman. Unfortunately, she had not responded. The personnel came forward and found that the old woman had no pulse and declared her death.

The man learned that his grandmother’s death was very sad, and wept bitterly while holding his body. The autopsy report confirmed that the old woman had a positive reaction to the new coronavirus, but no symptoms have appeared after the infection. As for the grandchildren who first aided him, it is temporarily unknown whether the diagnosis is confirmed.

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anksy mourns death of black man

Banksy, a well-known British graffiti artist, posted a new work on the social platform Instagram. The content is a candle that mourns the death of a black man and lights the corner of the American flag, which seems to be a metaphor for the racial problems in the United States.

In this new work by Banksy, there is a small black, uncontoured portrait, surrounded by bouquet candles, and the candlelight has lit a large American flag hanging on the rear wall.

Banksy’s new work was posted on Instagram, and it was worthwhile for people across the United States and people around the world to go to the streets for many days to protest against the black man Freud who died after being knee-pressed in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25. event.

Banksy’s post said: “At first I thought I should shut up and listen to the black people’s views on this issue. But why do I do this? This is not their problem, but my problem.”

Banksy likens racism to the damage to the plumbing downstairs of the apartment floor, which caused flooding downstairs. This flaw caused the residents in the downstairs to suffer miserably. “But this is not a problem for them to repair.” He said: “They can’t repair it because no one let them go to the apartment upstairs.”

He pointed out: “The people of color are let down by the white system. This is a problem for white people. If white people don’t improve, someone must go upstairs. “Go into the crowd.”

Banksy often chooses hot topics as the theme of his work, and he usually graffiti on the wall.

Last month, in his new work, he portrayed a superhero doll in the hands of a little boy, no longer Batman or Spiderman, but a paramedic to pay tribute to the medical staff and thank them for their dedication during the new crown pneumonia outbreak.

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Biden reportedly met with Freud family today as a funeral video

African American Freud was killed by a white police officer on his knees and his body was buried on Tuesday. American media reported that the Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president Biden will meet with Floyd’s family in Houston today to express their condolences to them.

The United States caused a series of demonstrations due to Freud’s death. It is reported that a video made by the login system will be broadcast at the funeral, but he will not attend the funeral to avoid harassment of other condolences.

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Harvard scholars advocate wearing masks to prevent epidemics during sexual intercourse to avoid sleeveless or anal sex

New Coronary Pneumonia changes human living habits. Experts have successively formulated relevant guidelines for epidemic prevention life to protect health. Researchers at Harvard University suggested in the Annals of Internal Medicine early last month that couples should try to wear masks when having sex, and also avoid anal sex to avoid infection through the feces. 

According to foreign media reports, researchers at Harvard University, in view of the fact that some patients are asymptomatic infections and people can take into account safety when enjoying sexual life, so in early May, they uploaded recommendations on sexual life under new coronary pneumonia in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Because kissing will exchange saliva, making the virus easier to spread, experts recommend wearing masks during sex to avoid kissing. In addition, special names are also given to avoid anal sex to cause infection of the feces or mouth, or sexual behavior involving semen and urine, thereby reducing the risk of infection. 

At the same time, researchers also listed “open house” and “one-night stand” as high-risk activities. They have to take a bath before and after sex, and use liquid or alcohol disinfection to reduce the risk of strokes. Since all face-to-face contact has the opportunity to bring related infection risks, the safest sex life is always abstinence or masturbation.

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Malaysia will resume classes in stages from Wednesday

Malaysia’s new crown pneumonia epidemic is under control. Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced that he will implement a recovery action control order starting on the 10th of this month. The school will resume classes in stages, and people can move across states. 

In the afternoon, Mao Xiding announced via live TV broadcast that the overall outbreak was under control due to the slowdown of new cases in Malaysia. Therefore, it was decided to end the original Conditional Action Control Order (PKPB) on the 9th of this month and implement the Recovery Action Control Order (PKPP) instead. 

Under the new measures, Malaysian nationals no longer need to apply for a permit from the police when they move across states except for areas blocked by infections, but they still prohibit travel abroad. At the same time, sports and competitions without physical collision, such as bowling, badminton, etc., are also approved; hair salons, beauty salons, night markets and markets can also be resumed; schools will resume classes in stages, details will be announced by the Ministry of Education later . 

Mao Xiding pointed out that although the restrictions on epidemic prevention were gradually relaxed, the nation should always pay attention to personal hygiene and wear masks in public places. It is necessary to avoid crowded places when returning home, and to protect the health of high-risk persons such as elderly elders.  

There were 38 new diagnoses in Malaysia. A total of 8,322 people were diagnosed, 6,674 people were discharged from the hospital, and 117 people died.

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More than 400,000 new crown deaths worldwide, US deaths exceed 110,000

Family members hold hands as they pray at the first English Mass with faithful present at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown Los Angeles, Sunday, June 7, 2020. Catholic parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Los Angeles suspended public Mass in March amid the coronavirus outbreak. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

The number of people diagnosed with New Coronavirus is nearly 7 million, and the number of deaths has increased to more than 400,000.

The United States is the country with the worst epidemic, with a cumulative number of 1,938,931 confirmed cases and 110,481 deaths.

The epidemic is second only to Brazil in the United States. In the past day, there were 12,000 new confirmed cases and more than 1,300 deaths in a single day. More than 680,000 cases were diagnosed and 37,000 people died.

Brazilian health authorities have announced that they have suspended the official statistics of the cumulative diagnosis and death of the new coronavirus, and only released statistics for the past 24 hours, which has been criticized by the outside world for attempts to cover up the epidemic.

The new pneumonia epidemic in many European countries has continued to ease, and 197 more people in Italy have been infected with the new coronavirus, and 53 more people have died. The cumulative number has increased to 230,000, and 33,000 people have died. The number of new crown patients in Italy was further reduced to 35,000, of which only 287 were still in the intensive care unit of the hospital. There were 77 new deaths in the UK and 1,326 confirmed cases nationwide, with a total of 287,621 cases. There were 102 new infections and 72 deaths in Spain. The epidemic situation in Russia is still repeated, with nearly 9,000 newly diagnosed cases in a single day, 134 more people died, and more than 5,800 people died.

The number of confirmed cases in Africa increased to more than 180,000, and 5071 deaths. South Africa and Egypt are the countries with the most cases, with 40,000 and 30,000 cases respectively.

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health said that in the past day, 3,000 new coronavirus confirmed cases were added, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeded 100,000. In the Middle East, the epidemic is second only to Iran, and the cumulative number of deaths has increased to 712.

There were 38 new confirmed cases of new coronavirus in South Korea. There were no new deaths. A total of 11,814 people were diagnosed and 273 were dead.

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U.S. white police officers involved in violent law enforcement adjourn a week

American African-American men were killed after being pressed by white policemen, triggering demonstrations and riots in many places across the United States. Forty cities including Washington announced the extension of curfews on the evening of the 31st. In addition, Texas, Virginia, and Arizona Three states declared a state of emergency. The white police officer Xiao Wan involved in the case has been dismissed and charged with three-level murder and manslaughter. In addition, he may also be charged with more charges. It was originally scheduled to appear in court today, but court records show that the case was postponed until next Monday, without mentioning the reasons, and Xiao Wan was remanded in custody pending trial.

According to reports, Xiao Wan is facing charges of murder, and the wife of the beauty queen has filed for divorce. He is currently on the suicide watch list, and the amount he insured is $500,000. He is currently kept in a single cell in Ramsey County Jail in Sao Paulo City, with surveillance cameras monitoring 24 hours a day, and the prison sends people to check with his own eyes every 15 minutes to prevent him from committing suicide.

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The black man’s death on his knees triggered a wave of protests Michael Jordan: we’ve had enough

Freud, a black man in Minnesota, USA, was kneeled to death by a white policeman and ignited the nation’s anger. Two generations of NBA superstars “Morzo Jordan” and “Emperor” Le Pen James also spoke about the incident and publicly abused them Say no. Among them, Michael Jordan issued a statement saying: “We have had enough.” LeBron James put on a modified picture of “I can’t breathe” clothes and expressed heartache at the incident.
Michael Jordan said that his heart is with Freud’s family and those who died because of racial discrimination.

In the statement, he said: “I am deeply saddened, pained and angry. I can see and feel the pain, resentment and frustration of everyone. I support those who stand up to condemn racial discrimination and condemn people of color in our country. We are really fed up with such abusive people,”

Michael continued. “We need to continue to fight against injustice and injustice in a peaceful manner, and demand (someone) to take responsibility for this. We need to be consistent in our caliber. To pressure leaders to change the law, otherwise we will use votes to change the system. All of us must be part of the solution, and we must work together to ensure that everyone can be fair and just.”

In addition, LeBron James is also very concerned about the incident, posting two posts on Twitter in succession, complaining about why the United States cannot be treated equally, and hoping everyone to face it firmly. He also quoted the lyrics of the song “Hate Me Now” by singer Nasir Jones, fearing and Hate will make you a monster and express your dissatisfaction with racial discrimination.

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of the late NBA superstar Kobe Bayern, also shared an old photo of Kobe Bayern wearing a T-shirt with “I Can’t Breathe” on it.

Yunisha said: “My husband wore this T-shirt many years ago, but now the same thing happened again.”

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Trump calls on states to mobilize national guards to stop riots or use troops

President Donald Trump speaks in the Rose Garden of the White House, Monday, June 1, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

US President Trump delivered a tough speech at the White House on June 1, condemning the riot caused by the death of African-American black Floyd on the knees of white police officers as “domestic terrorism.” If states and cities cannot stop the riot , He will use the army to quell. He also said that the voices of peaceful protesters could not be overwhelmed by the mob, accusing some state and local governments of being weak to take action to protect residents.

Trump said that the mayor and the governor must use “overwhelming law enforcement forces until the violence has subsided.” Trump said that if any city or state refused to take action, he would deploy troops.

Trump said he would invoke the Insurrection Act to mobilize troops across the country. He said: “I will deploy American troops and help them solve the problem quickly. I am also taking rapid and decisive action to protect our great capital, Washington, DC.”

Trump said he would send “thousands of heavily armed Soldiers, military personnel and law enforcement officials to stop the riots.” He is mobilizing all federal resources to suppress demonstrations, including the deployment of thousands of heavily armed soldiers and law enforcement personnel to stop violence in the capital, Washington; threatening that if the mayors and governors of various places fail to regain control of the street situation, he will use the same methods to quickly deal with it problem.

Before Trump’s speech, the police fired tear gas at the protesters outside the White House. Flash bombs were also deployed at the scene, but many media reported that the demonstrations on the scene were generally peaceful.

According to Defense Department officials, about 200 to 250 military police officers were deployed to Washington, D.C. that night, responsible for the security of the capital, but not for arresting demonstrators and other law enforcement actions. In addition, Washington DC also requested an additional 600 to 800 National Guards to help maintain order.