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New York Museum of Natural History will remove Roosevelt statues

The New York Museum of Natural History will remove the Roosevelt Statue  AP map

Freud, an African-American man, was killed by a police officer on his knees, which set off a wave of anti-racial discrimination in the United States. The celebrity statues in history became the targets of demonstrators’ destruction. New York Mayor Bai Sihao said that the American Museum of Natural History would remove the bronze statue of Theodore Roosevelt that stood at the entrance for 80 years.

The bronze statue has been placed at the west entrance of Central Park in the Natural History Museum since 1940. Its shape is Roosevelt riding on horseback, with a Native American and an African man standing on either side. Over the past years, there have been voices calling for the removal of bronze statues, pointing out that bronze statues symbolize colonial expansion and racial discrimination.

New York Mayor Bai Sihao said in a statement that the city government supported the museum’s request to remove the statue of the late President Roosevelt, because the museum indicated that the statue clearly symbolized the black African and Indian ethnicity, white supremacy and colonialism. Remove this controversial bronze statue. Roosevelt’s great-grandson issued a statement supporting the decision, arguing that the statue design did not objectively reflect Roosevelt’s contribution.

It is temporarily unknown when the bronze statue will be removed and where it will be placed.

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Biden approves “surrender” to new crown epidemic, Trump refutes spread of panic

Former Vice President Biden, who was nominated as a presidential candidate by the United States Democratic Party, yesterday (17th) criticized President Trump for surrendering to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, failing to prepare for the second possible outbreak ready. Trump is scheduled to hold his first major campaign rally in months in Tulsa, Oklahoma this Saturday (20th), but the latest data show that the number of confirmed diagnoses in 22 states nationwide has rebounded. Including Oklahoma, Arizona and Texas.

Biden said at an event and speech in Philadelphia: “In the process of fighting this virus, the American people have sacrificed too much… We may lose some of the progress we began to make, all because of him. (Trump) has lost interest. Now, he is just surrendering in this fight.” Biden also pointed out that Trump is eager to restart the campaign rally and put others in danger.

According to the latest data provided by Johns Hopkins University, more than 8.329 million people have been infected with the New Coronary Pneumonia virus and more than 448,000 people have died. The United States continues to top the list, with more than 2.162 million people diagnosed nationwide and more than 117,000 deaths. Experts warn that the epidemic is still far away from the end, and worry that there will be another big outbreak by the end of this year.

Oklahoma Health Department officials urged those who plan to attend the Trump campaign rally to be tested before attending, and to be isolated and tested again after attendance. Elders aged 65 or above and other high-risk persons are best left at home.

Oklahoma had 259 newly diagnosed cases yesterday, more than 2,600 in Florida, more than 1,800 in Arizona, and more than 3,100 in Texas. The outbreaks in Nevada and Oregon are also worrying.

A spokesman for the Trump campaign countered Biden’s remarks, saying that Trump and his government have been fighting the epidemic regardless of partisanship, and that Biden just sat aside and did nothing but spread panic.

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Mask recommendations

There are many kinds of masks, and their protective effects are also different. At present, the most commonly used by the public are disposable medical masks and disposable medical surgical masks. Disposable medical masks can be used by the public in non-person-intensive public places Use, and medical surgical masks have better filtering performance. It is generally recommended to wear suspected cases, public transportation personnel, taxi driver sanitation workers, public service personnel, etc. during the post, no matter what kind of masks, it is not recommended that you pass Reuse after killing.

Regardless of whether it is a disposable medical mask or a medical surgical mask, the main materials of these masks are non-woven fabrics and paper. After they are made, they have a certain filter protection for dust and viruses according to different standards, but if some friends imagine After being soaked in disinfectant, then soaked in hot water at 100°C, and then dried, this approach can indeed ensure that if it is contaminated with new coronavirus or most other viruses and pathogenic bacteria, but it needs to be considered Yes, in the case of disinfectant soaking and boiling water disinfection, the safety and filtration performance of the mask will be affected. When it comes to safety, the main problem is the residual disinfectant. The disinfectant is disinfected by soaking the disinfectant. On the one hand, the disinfectant may remain on the surface of the mask and cannot be effectively and completely removed. When it is worn, it may cause skin or respiratory mucosa. Certainly irritating; of course, this is not the biggest risk. The biggest risk is that the structure of the non-woven fabric and paper will be destroyed during the immersion process of disinfectant and 100°C boiling water, which will affect the filtering performance of the mask. The filtration performance of disposable masks with a certain blocking effect will be destroyed and will not play their due role. If the masks treated in this way are used again, the effect cannot be guaranteed. Since the protective effect of the mask cannot be guaranteed, the reuse of such treatments will not benefit more than wasting disinfectant and hot water.

In the current situation of shortage of disposable masks, for everyone, it is more important to reduce the amount of going out than to find ways to reuse disposable masks. If you do not need to purchase the necessary daily necessities, try not to If you go out one less time, you will use one less mask. In addition, the “Guidelines on the Protection of People with Different Coronary Infection Risks and the Use of New Coronavirus Pneumonia Masks” issued by the Health and Health Commission also pointed out that in non-epidemic areas Open and ventilated places do not need to wear masks. When entering crowded areas or closed public places, you need to wear masks. This suggestion is also worthy of your reference, one of the principles that can save the use of masks.

  In the case of tight masks, it is recommended that disposable medical masks or surgical masks can be sterilized in the following ways and then used again:

One is ultraviolet disinfection. If you have an ultraviolet disinfection lamp in your home, you can fully disinfect the used disposable mask under the ultraviolet disinfection lamp and use it again. You need to pay attention to the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the human body. Disinfect the lamp area.

The second is dry heat sterilization. The new coronavirus can be inactivated by heating at 56℃ for more than 30 minutes. If you have a dryer friend at home, you can also consider drying the disposable mask at 60-70℃ for more than half an hour. For reuse.

A final reminder: the above two methods can effectively prevent the filtering performance of the mask from being damaged, but it is only a stopgap measure. If it can be used for one time, the mask should still be used as one time, and repeated use should be avoided as much as possible. . I believe that with the continuous strengthening of prevention and control awareness and the continuous strengthening of epidemic control, this epidemic will eventually pass, and spring will eventually come!

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Knowledge of the use of new coronavirus pneumonia masks

  1. Wearing Principle

The basic principles of    are scientific and reasonable wearing, standard use, and effective protection. details as follows:

   (1) Healthy people do not need to wear masks in open and ventilated areas of non-epidemic areas, and masks are required to enter crowded or closed public places.

   (2) It is recommended to wear disposable medical masks in open and ventilated areas where the epidemic situation is high; enter medical or surgical masks or particulate protective masks when entering crowded or closed public places.

   (3) When you have a suspected symptom to the hospital, you need to wear a particulate protective mask or a medical protective mask without an exhalation valve.

   (4) Patients with basic respiratory diseases should use protective masks under the guidance of a doctor. Infants and young children cannot wear masks, which can easily cause suffocation.

   (5) Cotton yarn masks, sponge masks and activated carbon masks have no protection against viral infections.

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Last week, more than 3 million people were unemployed and more than 30 million people applied for assistance in 7 weeks

An old sign announcing they are hiring hangs in the window of a closed store along Broadway, Thursday, May 7, 2020, in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan in New York. Nearly 3.2 million laid-off workers applied for unemployment benefits last week as the business shutdowns caused by the coronavirus outbreak deepened the worst U.S. economic catastrophe in decades. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

The US Department of Labor released the latest unemployment data. In the week ending May 2, the number of new unemployed people in the United States was 3.17 million, an increase of nearly 3 million, which was a decrease from the previous week’s growth of 3.84 million. The number of people applying for unemployment benefits has also exceeded 3 million for seven consecutive weeks, with a total of 33.5 million. It is estimated that the unemployment rate in the United States in April will be between 15% and 20%, a record high.

At present, many states in the United States are gradually restarting. According to the latest poll results of the “Washington Post”, 77% of the unemployed believe that they will return to their jobs once the epidemic eases. However, many economists predict that the current 40% unemployment will likely be permanent.

The data also shows that as of the week of April 25, the number of people receiving unemployment benefits nationwide rose to 22.647 million, continuing to record highs. The insured unemployment rate of the number of insured persons who are receiving unemployment benefits increased by 3.1 percentage points month-on-month to 15.5%, a record high.

Analysts believe that the number of first-time jobless claims in the United States has continued to decrease, showing that the initial economic shock caused by the new crown epidemic is fading, but the rate of decline is slower than expected. As the United States has not yet put in place effective measures to curb the new crown epidemic, as consumer and corporate spending declines to affect the overall economy, unemployment problems may continue to ferment and continue.

The US Department of Labor is about to announce its April employment report on May 8. Economists expect the US unemployment rate to soar to 16% in April. In March today, the US unemployment rate was 4.4%.

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Johnson: Britain may gradually unblock and resume work as early as next Monday

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street in London, to attend his first weekly Prime Minister’s Questions since recovering from coronavirus, at the Houses of Parliament, in London, Wednesday, May 6, 2020. The highly contagious COVID-19 coronavirus has impacted on nations around the globe, many imposing self isolation and exercising social distancing when people move from their homes. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

The number of deaths from new coronavirus infections in the UK exceeded 30,000. It is the country with the largest number of deaths from infection in Europe. In the past day, there were 649 new deaths, and the total number increased to 30,076 deaths.

After recovering from the new pneumonia, Prime Minister Johnson went to the lower house of parliament for the first time to respond to questions from members of the Congress. He said that the outbreak of local nursing homes and many deaths were very regrettable. The government has done a lot of work to provide enough individuals for nursing homes The situation of protective equipment has improved significantly in the past few days.

The British Prime Minister Johnson said that he will gradually lift the restrictions imposed in response to the epidemic from next Monday (11th). The government will issue a statement after reviewing the latest data on the 10th, adding that if people know that the next day will What happens will be a “good thing”.

Johnson said: “I absolutely believe that what the people want us to do now is … continue to contain the disease and start to restore our country’s economy.”

In addition, Minister of Housing, Community and Local Government Zheng Weiqi attended the outbreak press conference, he thought The goal of the government is to ensure that people can resume work and return to social life under safe conditions. Zheng Weiqi said that under the scientific and medical safety situation, the authorities are studying the arrangements for resumption of work, including discussing the arrangement of workplaces, outdoor work, and public transportation arrangements. He also believes that under safe circumstances, the construction industry should resume work.

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How to properly handle used masks?

According to the National Health and Welfare Committee WeChat public account Health China, the used masks carry a large number of microorganisms, such as viruses and oral bacteria, and there may be a great risk of infection.

Points to note when removing the mask:

· Do not touch the outer surface of the mask, because you may infect yourself.

· Do not touch the inner surface of the mask (self is a patient), because it may infect others.

· Do not touch the masks used by others because they may cross-infect.

· Do not put it directly in the bag, pocket, etc., because there may be a risk of persistent infection.

Some error handling methods:

╳Boiling water

High temperature is indeed a method of disinfection, such as boiling, and it is simple and easy to operate. However, if you use a boiling water mask, you must place the mask on the container or countertop to avoid contaminating the container or countertop. Secondly, boiling water can not meet the continuous high temperature required for disinfection and the time is not enough. It may only kill some pathogens . Therefore, boiling water treatment is not recommended.

╳ Incineration

Similarly, the principle of incineration is high temperature disinfection. However, incineration will pollute the environment in the first place, and it will cause potential safety hazards in the second, and there is no such fixed place in the third. Therefore, personal incineration is not recommended.

╳ Throw away after shredding

Although the starting point for shredding the masks to prevent recycling by people with ulterior motives is good, there is a great risk of infection. Therefore, shredding is also not recommended.

The correct way to deal with used masks:

Since the development of human civilization, there are dozens of ways to kill pathogenic microorganisms, including pressure steam, ultraviolet light, high temperature, medical alcohol, chlorine (bromine) disinfectant, and so on. However, the use of a oxen knife to kill chickens is certainly suitable for our ordinary people to choose a relatively simple, efficient and safe way. In this regard, Healthy China recommended.

√ When in a medical institution

All masks used in medical institutions should be directly put into medical waste garbage bags. These masks, as medical waste, will be centrally disposed by professional disposal agencies.

√ Usually

People who are suspected of having an infectious disease should hand over the used masks to the corresponding staff during medical treatment or investigation and disposal as medical waste.

For people with fever, cough, sputum, sneezing and other symptoms, or people who have been in contact with such people, it is recommended to throw the mask to the trash first, then use 5% 84 disinfectant according to the 1:99 ratio Sprinkle on the mask for treatment. If there is no disinfectant, you can also use a sealed bag / fresh-keeping bag, seal the mask and throw it into the trash.

For ordinary people, because of the low risk, the used masks can be directly thrown into the trash.

After handling the mask, remember to perform hand hygiene.

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How to wear a mask correctly?

It is understood that medical surgical masks have three layers, from the outside to the inside are the waterproof layer, the filter layer, and the comfort layer. The comfort layer is a layer of non-woven fabric. When wearing, the white non-woven fabric faces inwards, and the blue waterproof layer faces outwards. Fit the nose and smooth the cheeks so that there is no gap between the mask and the face.

Steps to wear a mask:

(1) Pull the opening mask to both sides, and the fixing band is loosened every 2-4cm so that the nose clip is located above the mask;

(2) Use a mask against the chin, put on the mask upwards, and place the straps on the top of the head and behind the head;

(3) Pull the earrings behind the ears, and then adjust the earrings;

(4) Press the nose clip with both hands to make the nose clip fit perfectly with the nose, so that the mask fits your face shape;

(5) Check the tightness of the mask and adjust to the most comfortable state.

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Classification and applicable environment of disposable protective gloves

Classification and applicable environment of disposable protective gloves1. Insulated gloves for live working refers to a kind of insulating gloves that the operator wears on his hands for electrical insulation when performing live work on electrical equipment with an AC voltage of 10 kV and below (or DC electrical equipment of the corresponding voltage level). The product model, appearance size and technical requirements shall comply with the provisions of “General Technical Conditions for Insulated Gloves for Live Working”. Insulated gloves Gloves must have good electrical insulation properties. At the same time, it needs good tensile strength and elongation at break, as well as puncture resistance, aging resistance, flame resistance and low temperature resistance. 2. Acid and alkali resistant gloves are protective products to prevent acid and alkali damage to the hands. The quality should meet the requirements of “Acid (Alkali) Gloves”. Gloves are not allowed to have defects such as frost spray, brittleness, stickiness and damage. The non-leakage of the glove means: it must be airtight, and under certain pressure, no air leakage is allowed. Such gloves can be divided into rubber acid and alkali resistant gloves, latex acid and alkali resistant gloves, plastic acid and alkali resistant gloves, plastic impregnated acid and alkali resistant gloves, etc. according to the material. Waterproof gloves and antivirus gloves can be replaced with acid and alkali resistant gloves. 3. Oil-resistant gloves are made of materials such as nitrile butadiene rubber, chloroprene, or polyurethane. They are used to protect the skin of the hands from being stimulated by oils and fats to cause various skin diseases such as acute dermatitis, acne, and folliculitis , Dry skin, chapped, pigmentation and nail changes. 4. Welder gloves are personal protective equipment that protects the hands from high temperature, molten metal and sparks during welding. It is made of cow, pig tamarind leather or two-layer leather, and is divided into two-finger type, three-finger type and five-finger type according to different finger types. Welder gloves have strict appearance requirements. The first-class product requires uniform and thin leather body, fullness, softness and elasticity. The leather surface is fine, uniform, firm, consistent in color, and non-greasy. Second-class product: The leather body lacks full elasticity, the leather surface is thick, and the color is slightly shaded. 5. Anti-vibration gloves are used for personal protective equipment to prevent vibration-induced occupational disease “white finger syndrome” caused by vibration when in contact with vibration, such as handheld vibration tools (such as chain saws, rock drills, etc.) used in forestry, mining, construction, transportation and other departments . The structure of anti-vibration gloves is mainly to add a certain thickness of foam plastic, latex and air interlayer on the palm surface to absorb vibration. The thicker the pad, the more air it contains, and the better the damping effect. But when the palm and finger surface are too thick, it is easy to affect the operation. 6. Fire-retardant and flame-retardant gloves Traditional fire-retardant and flame-retardant gloves are made of asbestos materials, which are divided into two-finger and five-finger types, and are available in large, medium and small sizes. Because asbestos fibers are irritating to human skin, they are rarely used. At present, flame-retardant canvas or other flame-retardant fabrics are generally used to make fire-resistant flame-retardant gloves, which are suitable for smelting furnace pre-workers or other furnace types. 7. The anti-static gloves are composed of conductive fabric. The other is a long fiber elastic acrylic braided glove, and then the polyurethane resin is applied to the palm part, or the polyurethane resin is applied to the fingertip part or the surface of the glove is coated with polyethylene. Gloves containing conductive fibers quickly dissipate the static electricity accumulated on the hands. Gloves coated with polyurethane or polyethylene are mainly not prone to dust and static electricity. These products are mainly used for weak current, assembly of precision instruments, product inspection, electronics industry, printing, inspection work of various research institutions, etc. Eight, clean gloves Made from natural rubber, it can prevent the discharge of human fingertips during the production process. It can prevent the static electricity of the human body from damaging the product during the production process. The product is protected from the pollution and influence of finger residues, oil stains, dust and sweat during the production process, and the product is effectively protected. At present, most clean rooms use PVC gloves.

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U.S. nurse holds photo of deceased colleague in front of White House to protest lack of protective equipment

A group of nurses in the United States held a photo of their deceased colleague in front of the White House to protest the lack of protective equipment.  AP map
A group of nurses in the United States held a photo of their deceased colleague in front of the White House to protest the lack of protective equipment. AP map

While the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic continues to spread in the United States, there is always a shortage of protective equipment for frontline health care workers, and many health care workers have died due to infection with the new coronavirus. A group of nurses who risked their lives to save patients in a high-risk environment every day held 46 portraits of medical staff who died of anti-epidemic disease on the local Tuesday (21st) and stood at the door of the White House and read their names aloud. In this way, he protested and asked the government to provide them with adequate protective equipment.

The nurses said that to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, they needed qualified protective equipment to work safely. Many nurses said that because of the lack of N95 masks and protective masks, they had to reuse disposable medical supplies, which made them feel scared and uneasy when treating the growing number of patients with new coronary pneumonia.

Nurse Jones said: “Congress is discussing a new crown epidemic bill, but it does not provide mandatory occupational safety and health management safety standards for health care workers. This is unforgivable. So far, President Trump has also He did not use his presidency to require mass production of medical protective equipment. “

Nurse Rachel said:” As long as I have the ability, I am willing to help anyone, but if I die or become sick, I can’t help anyone. But if I ca n’t get proper protective equipment, I feel very unsafe at work. This is my demand. ”