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manufacturers share the mask replacement cycle?

Mask manufacturers believe that regular mask replacement is common sense, but the replacement cycle is not the same, so how long is the replacement cycle of the mask? What? There are professional PM2.5 masks and masks with replaceable filters, medical masks, cotton masks. Different types of masks have different names. Professional PM2.5 protective masks (such as N99 masks and N95 masks) will be replaced after two days of use, otherwise they will not have a good protective effect. In addition, these masks are not suitable for long-term use, because they have good air tightness, which can easily lead to breathing difficulties and hypoxia. Mask manufacturers believe that they can choose according to environmental quality. If the air quality is good, they can choose ordinary dust masks. For masks embedded in an environment with poor air quality, the replacement cycle is also relatively short, otherwise the goal will not be achieved. Mask summary, the replacement cycle of the mask is not fixed, and even depends on the specific environmental quality.

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Why did Abe suddenly expand the target of the emergency declaration to the whole country?

On the evening of the 16th, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that he would extend the scope of the emergency declaration to the entire territory of Japan. Why did Abe make this decision suddenly? The Japanese Current Affairs News published an analysis that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is continuing to spread in major cities in Japan. Abe aims to prevent large-scale personnel movements before the May Day Golden Week.

Although there are voices in Japan that extending the declaration of emergency to the whole of Japan may cause a blow to the economy and require caution, Abe insists on making this decision. On the 16th, there was “chaos” within the government because of the discovery of gold for every national. The News Agency pointed out that this sudden decision also hides the intention to dilute the internal chaos.

“In order to overcome the situation that can be described as a national crisis, all of Japan should work together.” On the evening of the 16th, Abe said at the government’s new coronary pneumonia countermeasures headquarters, and asked everyone to understand this “outrageous decision.”

When the government announced the emergency declaration, it also made a general analysis of the cumulative number of new coronary pneumonia infections in Japan, the time for doubling the number of infections, and people with unknown infection routes. Government officials said that based on the analysis of data, I wanted to expand the emergency declaration area to Aichi Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, etc., and announced on the 14th. Plan to proceed.

Due to the increasing number of infected people across Japan, many local governments are worried about “the collapse of the medical system” and have planned to issue emergency declarations on their own. In late March, Japan has a three-day break, during which the new crown epidemic has spread rapidly, and in late April will usher in the 51st Golden Week, how to deal with these situations has become increasingly urgent.

Japan News Agency said that in the morning of the 16th, the Japanese Prime Minister ’s residence and infectious disease experts have officially made corresponding adjustments. After much discussion in the middle, it was finally decided on the 16th that Abe ’s intention was to extend the scope of application of the emergency declaration to the entire territory of Japan. At the advisory committee held on the evening of the 16th, even the relevant information was not available, and it was obviously a “hurried political decision.”

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The relationship between breathability and quality of masks

Activated charcoal anti-haze masks are household items that are not unfamiliar to everyone. They are called daily necessities because they are used frequently in life. The main function of the mask is to form a sealed space between the face and the mouth, so that the air passing through this space can be filtered.

As people demand quality of life, the types of masks are constantly changing to meet people’s requirements. In fact, this is a very good change, proving that people’s awareness of self-protection is constantly improving. Activated carbon anti-haze masks are also one of the types of masks that people use more in life or work.

Is there any inevitable connection between the breathability and quality of the mask? Most activated carbon anti-haze masks are standards for high-strength manufacturing products, and many items need to be tested.

The air permeability of the fabric is the nature of the fabric itself, which is closely related to the texture of the fabric and the method of fabric composition. Some of the main components of masks are textile fiber materials, and breathability is also a basic feature of masks. To a certain extent, the breathability of activated carbon anti-haze masks also determines other protective characteristics of the masks, such as comfort and filtering ability.

It is not difficult to see from the above content that the breathability and the quality of activated carbon anti-haze masks are still closely related. The high-quality masks will greatly improve the breathability and comfort, while protecting people. May cause pressure on the respiratory system.

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Disposable mask manufacturers share a simple classification of non-woven fabrics

Disposable masks are not new to us, but many non-woven fabrics may not be understood; in fact, many disposable masks are made of non-woven fabrics, but this does not mean that all non-woven fabrics Can be used as raw materials for processing masks. Let’s follow the disposable mask manufacturers to understand the simple classification of non-woven fabrics.

  1. Spunlace non-woven fabric. Spray high-pressure fine water on one or more layers of fiber mesh to make the fibers entangle with each other, so that the fiber mesh is strengthened and has a certain strength.
  2. Thermally bonded non-woven fabric. Refers to the fiber or powdered hot melt adhesive reinforcement material added to the fiber web, and then heated, melted, cooled and strengthened into a cloth.
  1. Pulp air-laid non-woven fabric. It can also be called clean paper and dry paper non-woven fabric. It uses the air-laid technology to open the wood pulp fiber board into a single fiber state, and then uses the air-laid method to bond the fibers to the screen and strengthen the fiber web into a cloth.
  2. Wet non-woven fabric. The fiber raw materials placed in the aqueous medium are opened into single fibers, and at the same time, different fiber raw materials are mixed to make a fiber suspension slurry, which is sent to the mesh weaving mechanism, the fibers are woven in a wet state, and then reinforced into cloth.
  3. Spunbond nonwoven fabric. After the polymer is extruded and stretched to form continuous filaments, the filaments are laid into a mesh, and the mesh is converted into a nonwoven fabric by self-bonding, thermal bonding, chemical bonding, or mechanical reinforcement methods.

  1. Needle punched non-woven fabric is a dry non-woven fabric. Needle-punched non-woven fabrics use the puncture effect of the needle to reinforce the fluffy web into a cloth.

As a common production of protective equipment, remind everyone to avoid using the disposable masks all the time, and to do proper treatment after use to avoid others from continuing to use.

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Notes on wearing masks

Masks are not only used in life, but also in many production activities. There are many different types of masks. So do you know how to wear masks? Printed mask manufacturers have summarized a few points for attention when wearing masks, hoping to help everyone.

  1. For environments where volatile particles are present, choose a dust mask that can filter both particles and volatile gases.
  2. The appropriate dust mask should be selected according to the dispersion of particles. For example, some low-end dust masks only have a filtering effect on ordinary dust, but have no filtering effect on retained particles, smoke or steam.
  3. If the dust is oily, choose a dust mask that can filter the oily dust.
  4. If the dust is radioactive, please choose a dust mask with high filtration efficiency.
    Printed masks remind you that you must choose the right mask in different environments. Only in this way can the mask really play its role.
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Matters needing attention when using medical elastic bandage

Medical elastic bandages are mainly composed of three parts, namely elastic bottom band, medicine and polymer adhesive mixed layer, anti-sticking layer; reasonable design makes it more convenient when used. So what are the precautions during use?
The correct method of use is critical. When using medical elastic bandages, the appropriate width needs to be selected according to different parts. The bandaging method mainly depends on the purpose of use and is not the same.
When the medical elastic bandage is changed, it is changed in the morning time. If the patient has gotten up, the patient should be re-bedded, the limbs should be raised, the venous blood should be emptied, and then bandaged.
After using medical elastic bandages, the skin color and swelling of the wound should be observed daily. This has two purposes. One is to understand the progress of the injury, and the other is to be able to detect abnormal conditions in time.
Medical elastic bandages should be cleaned frequently so as to ensure cleanliness. Do not scrub hard when washing. After washing, the water should be squeezed out, not twisted out. The drying method is to put it in a cool and ventilated place.

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Whether disposable masks can be used to kill viruses

Some friends will have such a question, although the purchase is a disposable mask,But I think it can be used repeatedly, and it needs to kill the mask, and then it can be used again.
The disposable masks after wearing can be boiled, sprayed with alcohol or disinfected by ultraviolet light to disinfect the used masks. Theoretically, it can eliminate the bacteria and viruses sticking to the mask, but these methods can eliminate In addition to the virus, the fibers of the melt-blown non-woven fabric will be destroyed, so that the function of the mask is reduced.

The functionality of disposable masks has declined. Even if the antivirus is more successful, when it is worn again, the mask is actually not defensive, so it does not make any sense to continue wearing it.


Therefore, since the disposable mask is selected, it should be used as required to ensure that the mask can truly play its role in the wearing process.
If you need to purchase disposable masks or other types of masks and protective equipment, you can get in touch with us, our staff will give you an introduction.