About us

customfall protective equipment factory, registered on June 1, 2014, is a professional manufacturer of printed masks, disposable medical masks, protective clothing, disposable gloves, etc. We are a professional enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service .

The products are mainly protective, fashionable, disposable protective masks, with rich colors and a wide variety of patterns. They are widely used in hospitals, hotels, catering, nursing, beauty, supermarkets, food factories, schools, electronic instrument workshops, and services. In many fields, it can be customized and produced professionally according to customer needs. The image of the customer service brand has been improved and has been highly recognized by customers. The customfall mask factory has a complete and scientific quality management system. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business.
With a sound management mechanism, stable product quality and perfect customer service, customfall provides customers with cost-effective products and services.

Time will witness the company’s history and growth, adhering to the design style of health, safety and comfort, customfall wholeheartedly promotes the concept of professional focus and dedication to service, with high-quality products and fine-grained details-pay attention to life and care for health!
The company adheres to the corporate philosophy of “respecting the heavens, loving people, harmonious and win-win”; adhering to the corporate spirit of “integrity, pragmatism, hard work and innovation”; promoting the corporate style of “unity, rigor, efficiency, and efficiency”; taking “pursuing high quality and efficiency” as the corporate goal; Create a “specialized, standardized, market-oriented” enterprise!
Based on China, the company faces the world and creates healthy happiness for human beings!