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Knowledge of the use of new coronavirus pneumonia masks

  1. Wearing Principle

The basic principles of    are scientific and reasonable wearing, standard use, and effective protection. details as follows:

   (1) Healthy people do not need to wear masks in open and ventilated areas of non-epidemic areas, and masks are required to enter crowded or closed public places.

   (2) It is recommended to wear disposable medical masks in open and ventilated areas where the epidemic situation is high; enter medical or surgical masks or particulate protective masks when entering crowded or closed public places.

   (3) When you have a suspected symptom to the hospital, you need to wear a particulate protective mask or a medical protective mask without an exhalation valve.

   (4) Patients with basic respiratory diseases should use protective masks under the guidance of a doctor. Infants and young children cannot wear masks, which can easily cause suffocation.

   (5) Cotton yarn masks, sponge masks and activated carbon masks have no protection against viral infections.

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