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New York Museum of Natural History will remove Roosevelt statues

The New York Museum of Natural History will remove the Roosevelt Statue  AP map

Freud, an African-American man, was killed by a police officer on his knees, which set off a wave of anti-racial discrimination in the United States. The celebrity statues in history became the targets of demonstrators’ destruction. New York Mayor Bai Sihao said that the American Museum of Natural History would remove the bronze statue of Theodore Roosevelt that stood at the entrance for 80 years.

The bronze statue has been placed at the west entrance of Central Park in the Natural History Museum since 1940. Its shape is Roosevelt riding on horseback, with a Native American and an African man standing on either side. Over the past years, there have been voices calling for the removal of bronze statues, pointing out that bronze statues symbolize colonial expansion and racial discrimination.

New York Mayor Bai Sihao said in a statement that the city government supported the museum’s request to remove the statue of the late President Roosevelt, because the museum indicated that the statue clearly symbolized the black African and Indian ethnicity, white supremacy and colonialism. Remove this controversial bronze statue. Roosevelt’s great-grandson issued a statement supporting the decision, arguing that the statue design did not objectively reflect Roosevelt’s contribution.

It is temporarily unknown when the bronze statue will be removed and where it will be placed.

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