• New Coronavirus fears “brain-injured” rehabilitation, now hallucination experts worry about large-scale brain injury disease
    The New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic is raging all over the world. According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the number of newly diagnosed new coronaviruses has exceeded 12 million and 548,000 have died. In addition to affecting the respiratory tract of the lungs, patients with new coronary pneumonia have the latest evidence […]
  • The street slogan, “White men and women in California” was prosecuted
    George Floyd, an African-American man, was killed by a white police officer on his knees on the 25th of last month, triggering anti-racism and anti-police demonstrations around the world. Locals have launched “Black Lives Matter” (Black Lives Matter) , Referred to as BLM) movement, the words “BLM” are written on many major urban streets. A pair […]
  • A total of 12.29 million people have been diagnosed in the world
    The number of new diagnoses of new coronary pneumonia exceeded 12.29 million cases, and more than 550,000 people died. In the United States, where the epidemic is most severe, the number of confirmed cases exceeded 3.11 million and more than 130,000 died. Brazil is the second, with more than 1.75 million diagnoses and 69,000 deaths. In Florida, […]
  • Bolivia’s interim president diagnoses third South American leader infected
    The epidemic of new crown pneumonia in South America is grim. Bolivia’s interim President Jeanine Anez confirmed the new crown pneumonia and is the second confirmed national leader in South America. 53-year-old Agnes said on the social networking site Twitter that after four cabinet members recently tested positive for the virus, their test results were […]
  • Study: Spain had a new coronavirus outbreak in China in March last year
    A Spanish researcher has been testing sewage samples collected in Barcelona since April this year, and finally found the virus genome in the samples collected in March 2019, 9 months earlier than the outbreak in China. The current study has been submitted for review. The study was conducted by the team of the University of Barcelona. […]
  • India’s new crown diagnoses increased by 17,000 broken 500,000 government concentrated on reducing mortality
    The Indian government announced today (27th) that there were more than 17,000 new cases of new coronary pneumonia diagnosed in the country, and the cumulative number of diagnoses across the country exceeded 500,000, including more than 15,000 deaths. Ranked by the number of confirmed cases, India is already the fourth most severe country in the world, […]
  • Viral threat remains severe Merkel urges people to be cautious
    The German epidemic is showing signs of slowing down. German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged the public to remain cautious and avoid dangerous behaviors because the threat from the virus is still severe. Merkel said in a weekly video speech: “It is easy for us to forget this, because so far Germany has passed the crisis […]
  • More than half of the 62 confirmed cases in a single day in South Korea came from the metropolitan area
    South Korea added 62 new cases of new pneumonia in the past day, of which 40 were community infections, more than half came from the metropolitan area, 13 each from Seoul City and Gyeonggi Province, and the rest came from Daejeon and Gwangju. It was confirmed after 8 days later that the diagnosis again rose […]
  • More than 1,000 people in the German meat processing factory are infected with 6,500 people and need to be quarantined
    A meat processing factory in Gütersloh County, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, recently reported a cluster infection of new coronavirus. As of yesterday (20th) afternoon, about 5,800 employees had been tested for viruses, and the number of confirmed infections rose to 1,029, or about 6,500. Employees and their families must be isolated. This is the most serious incident […]
  • Black throat uniform black film exposure New York police was suspended and pay investigation
    The African American man Freud was killed by the police with his knees pressed against his neck, detonating anti-police and anti-racial discrimination demonstrations across the United States. New York Governor Como signed a series of new regulations to end the improper police enforcement of blacks, including the prohibition of throat locks. However, in Queens, New York, when […]
  • Trump campaign ads accused of using Nazi symbols were removed by Facebook
    Social media Facebook (FB) removed a campaign ad for President Trump and Vice President Pence on the grounds of violating the company’s policy of prohibiting hatred. The inverted red triangle-shaped symbol shown in the advertisement called on Trump supporters to counteract the “Antifascism Movement” (Antifa), which was used by Nazi Germany to label political prisoners, communists, […]
  • Affected grandmother’s condition deteriorated when she was sent to hospital
    New pneumonia has claimed countless lives. A woman in Mexico was sent to hospital last Monday (8th) due to new pneumonia symptoms, but her condition suddenly deteriorated while waiting in the car. Risk of illness, immediately apply artificial respiration, but unfortunately the grandmother eventually returned to the soul, and the grandchildren couldn’t help but mourn […]
  • anksy mourns death of black man
    Banksy, a well-known British graffiti artist, posted a new work on the social platform Instagram. The content is a candle that mourns the death of a black man and lights the corner of the American flag, which seems to be a metaphor for the racial problems in the United States. In this new work by […]
  • Biden reportedly met with Freud family today as a funeral video
    African American Freud was killed by a white police officer on his knees and his body was buried on Tuesday. American media reported that the Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president Biden will meet with Floyd’s family in Houston today to express their condolences to them. The United States caused a series of demonstrations due […]
  • Harvard scholars advocate wearing masks to prevent epidemics during sexual intercourse to avoid sleeveless or anal sex
    New Coronary Pneumonia changes human living habits. Experts have successively formulated relevant guidelines for epidemic prevention life to protect health. Researchers at Harvard University suggested in the Annals of Internal Medicine early last month that couples should try to wear masks when having sex, and also avoid anal sex to avoid infection through the feces.  According […]
  • Malaysia will resume classes in stages from Wednesday
    Malaysia’s new crown pneumonia epidemic is under control. Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced that he will implement a recovery action control order starting on the 10th of this month. The school will resume classes in stages, and people can move across states.  In the afternoon, Mao Xiding announced via live TV broadcast that the overall […]
  • More than 400,000 new crown deaths worldwide, US deaths exceed 110,000
    The number of people diagnosed with New Coronavirus is nearly 7 million, and the number of deaths has increased to more than 400,000. The United States is the country with the worst epidemic, with a cumulative number of 1,938,931 confirmed cases and 110,481 deaths. The epidemic is second only to Brazil in the United States. […]
  • U.S. white police officers involved in violent law enforcement adjourn a week
    American African-American men were killed after being pressed by white policemen, triggering demonstrations and riots in many places across the United States. Forty cities including Washington announced the extension of curfews on the evening of the 31st. In addition, Texas, Virginia, and Arizona Three states declared a state of emergency. The white police officer Xiao Wan […]
  • The black man’s death on his knees triggered a wave of protests Michael Jordan: we’ve had enough
    Freud, a black man in Minnesota, USA, was kneeled to death by a white policeman and ignited the nation’s anger. Two generations of NBA superstars “Morzo Jordan” and “Emperor” Le Pen James also spoke about the incident and publicly abused them Say no. Among them, Michael Jordan issued a statement saying: “We have had enough.” LeBron […]
  • Trump calls on states to mobilize national guards to stop riots or use troops
    US President Trump delivered a tough speech at the White House on June 1, condemning the riot caused by the death of African-American black Floyd on the knees of white police officers as “domestic terrorism.” If states and cities cannot stop the riot , He will use the army to quell. He also said that the […]
  • Facebook employees dissatisfied with the company’s failure to cover Trump’s inflammatory remarks
    Hundreds of employees on the social networking site Facebook were dissatisfied with the company’s failure to cover up the post that US President Trump was accused of beautifying violence, and held a “virtual strike” in protest on Monday (1st). According to the New York Times, many employees expressed their refusal to work in order to […]
  • During Trump’s speech, an explosion sounded and walked to the church to open the way for the military and police
    When US President Trump delivered a speech in the White House on Monday (1st), he could hear a clear explosion. Military vehicles cleared the road on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House. Trump walked to the “President’s Chapel”, which was opened by the military police and police. “The death of Freud made all Americans […]
  • Was ridiculed for wearing masks Biden criticizes Trump macho
    Biden laid a wreath at the Veterans Memorial Park in Delaware on Monday (25th). He wore a black mask and black sunglasses, and his face was almost completely covered by the American media. FOX News anchor Britt then tweeted mocking Biden: “This may explain why President Trump is reluctant to wear a mask to appear in front […]
  • Under the epidemic, yellow tape separates New York church seats from being mocked at the crime scene
    A Catholic church in Brooklyn, New York, USA reopened yesterday (26th), but in order to maintain social distance, the church used yellow tape similar to the police blockade to separate the seats. Some people laughed and said that there were more crime scenes than religious places. The church was closed on March 20 due to […]
  • A third of Americans feel anxious in the outbreak
    According to data from the US Census Bureau, since the outbreak, one-third of Americans have experienced anxiety or depression. Among them, the proportion of people who reported depression was more than double that of 2014. “Washington Post” reported that the Census Bureau began a weekly survey from the end of April to understand the impact […]
  • Tweet marked as false and Trump threatens to close Twitter
    US President Trump loves to use Twitter to post, but his two most recent tweets were officially marked as “fact check” by Twitter for misleading or misrepresentation. In response to this, Trump criticized Twitter for infringing on freedom of expression earlier, and later threatened to supervise social media companies and even shut them down. Trump said […]
  • Global cumulative diagnosis of more than 5.7 million U.S. cumulative deaths exceeded 100,000
    The number of people infected with the new corona virus has increased to more than 5.7 million people, and more than 354,000 people have died. The number of people diagnosed in the United States, which has the worst epidemic situation, increased to more than 1.74 million, and 102,000 people died. While the number of confirmed cases […]
  • More than 5.4 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with new coronavirus
    The number of people infected with the new coronavirus has exceeded 5.4 million, and more than 340,000 people have died. The number of diagnoses in the United States is still the highest in the world, increasing to more than 1.68 million people infected with epidemics, and accumulating more than 97,000 deaths. At present, various states in […]
  • The number of diagnoses in Brazil increased to more than 360,000 U.S. foreigners are prohibited from entering Brazil
    New coronaviruses continue to ravage Brazil, and more than 15,800 people have been diagnosed in the past day. The cumulative number of cases has increased to 363,000, with more than 22,000 deaths. Brazil is the second most diagnosed country in the world. The United States announced the immigration restrictions imposed on Brazil. The White House of the […]
  • Latin America’s new crown epidemic intensifies Brazil’s confirmed cases increase to more than 360,000
    The new coronavirus epidemic is getting worse in South America. In Brazil, which has the second highest number of confirmed cases in the world, more than 15,800 people have been diagnosed in the past day, and the cumulative number of cases has increased to 363,000, with more than 22,000 deaths. The local epidemic has not peaked, but […]
  • English school resumes classes in batches as scheduled next month Johnson calls on teachers and parents to prepare
    The epidemic situation in many countries in Europe has continued to ease, and countries have gradually relaxed the “blockade” measures. British Prime Minister Johnson said that he would resume classes in phases starting on the 1st of next month. He pointed out that the government would handle it carefully and called on teachers and parents to prepare […]
  • Japan is planning to lift the emergency in 5 places including Tokyo
    The Japanese government basically decided that the state of emergency in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa and Hokkaido will be completely lifted on the 25th. In the morning, an advisory committee was convened to hear the opinions of experts on the emergency declarations of the last five prefectures. Minister of Economic Regeneration Nimura Kang Min said at the […]
  • Cambridge University cancels face-to-face teaching in next school year and changes to online teaching
    The University of Cambridge announced that it will cancel face-to-face teaching in the next academic year and switch to online teaching until the summer of 2021. But Cambridge University said that if it meets the requirements of social distance, it may still allow smaller teaching groups to face to face. According to the BBC report, if […]
  • Refers to McDonald’s global systemic sexual harassment, ILO complains to OECD
    n International Labor Organization complained to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that McDonald ’s, one of the world ’s largest catering groups, had branches throughout the world that had “systematic” sexual harassment and sexual assault. The International Federation of Food and Beverage Trade Unions (IUF) filed a complaint with the Netherlands branch […]
  • Rumors that Trump’s remaining term will not be unveiled for Obama’s portraits
    The White House has a tradition in which the current president presides over the official portrait unveiling ceremony for the previous president. However, the current President Trump is very dissatisfied with the incumbent President Obama and even accused Obama of committing crimes. Government sources revealed that Trump had no intention of presiding over the ceremony in the […]
  • Ying diagnosed woman relapsed after hospitalization
    The New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic is raging around the world. A 58-year-old female employee in the United Kingdom was diagnosed with New Coronary Pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital last month. After treatment, her condition improved and she was discharged. The condition changed sharply, and as a result the daughter couldn’t wait to come […]
  • Fapiravir treatment of new coronary pneumonia clinical study shows no effect
    The new influenza drug “Avigan” developed by Toyama Chemical, a subsidiary of Japan’s “Fuji Film”, has been regarded as a promising treatment for new coronary pneumonia. However, Kyodo News reported that, after clinical trials, did not find that fapiravir has a significant effect on the treatment of new coronary pneumonia. According to the news, the share price […]
  • The number of confirmed cases in Brazil exceeds 250,000, the third largest in the world
    After the first new crown case was diagnosed in Brazil at the end of February, it is still in the stage of increasing epidemic situation. Since the 13th of this month, there are more than 10,000 newly diagnosed cases every day. In Brazil, more than 13,000 people were diagnosed with new coronavirus on Monday, and a […]
  • Germany will cancel intra-EU travel warning in mid-June
    German Foreign Minister Mas said that Germany will cancel the EU-wide travel warning on June 15 to create conditions for the upcoming summer tourism season. However, because the new crown epidemic has not completely ended, restrictions will be introduced. On Monday, Mas held a video conference with the foreign ministers of 10 countries such as Spain […]
  • Putin cooperates with Erdogan phone provider to develop vaccine
    Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Erdogan held a phone call to discuss in detail the fight against the new coronavirus epidemic, emphasizing that the relevant agencies of the two countries will continue to cooperate in the treatment of patients and the development of vaccines. The Kremlin issued a statement saying that the presidents […]
  • The Italian government signed a decree prohibiting various sports activities until June 14
    Italy added 451 new diagnoses and 99 more deaths, with a total of 225,000 diagnoses. As the recent epidemic situation improved in the country, shops resumed business, and religious activities gradually resumed, the government signed a decree prohibiting the holding of various sports activities including Serie A until June 14. Affected by the epidemic, Serie A […]
  • Trump said he was taking “hydroxychloroquine” to avoid the diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia
    The new coronary pneumonia epidemic has eased slightly. US President Trump said he is taking the anti-malarial drug “hydroxychloroquine” and zinc supplements to avoid contracting new coronary pneumonia. Trump said that the doctor did not recommend him to take it, but he asked the White House doctor to provide it and had been taking it […]
  • Navarro criticized China for sending tens of millions of people to fly to foreign countries to spread the virus
    The United States continues to blame China for the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The White House trade adviser Navarro criticized the Beijing government for concealing the epidemic from the world for at least two months, and sent nationals to fly abroad to spread the virus. Navarro used the “Chinese virus” to describe the new coronavirus […]
  • Accurately predicted the new crown epidemic, Indian astrological prodigy: a more serious disaster in December
    Abhigya Anand, a 14-year-old astrological prodigy from India, uploaded a video on YouTube last August and successfully predicted the outbreak of a new coronary pneumonia. In April this year, he uploaded the film again and boldly predicted that there will be another more serious disaster on December 20, 2020, which will not end until the end […]
  • New York State ’s two more districts relax restrictions on health ministers: no increase in cases in unsealed areas
    The United States has more than 22,000 new cases of new pneumonia, and more than 1,300 people have died. The epidemic has gradually eased. New York State of the United States announced that there will be 2 more districts to resume some economic activities. Governor Como said that the New York State epidemic continued to slow down […]
  • In New York State, two more districts are expected to resume economic activity, and a total of seven districts are gradually unblocked.
    The United States has increased to a minimum of 1.48 million people infected with the new coronavirus, and more than 89,000 people have died. In New York State, where the epidemic is most severe, more than 1,800 cases have been added in the past day and more than 139 people have died. Governor Como said that the […]
  • Brazil adds 14,000 cases of diagnosed Super West Italian president ignores social restrictions and meets with supporters
    Brazil’s new coronavirus epidemic continues, with more than 14,000 newly diagnosed cases, a cumulative total of more than 230,000 cases, an increase of 816 deaths, becoming the world’s fourth most confirmed case country, surpassing Spain and Italy. The municipal government of Sao Paulo revealed that the local medical system is on the verge of collapse, the […]
  • Russia has more than 10,000 cases diagnosed in a single day for 12 consecutive days
    The epidemic situation of new coronavirus in Russia continues to be severe. In the past day, there were 10,028 new cases of new coronavirus infections. It was 12 consecutive days. The number of new cases exceeded 10,000 in a single day. It is only in the United States, the second most in the world, and 96 […]
  • More than 4.3 million people worldwide were diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia and claimed nearly 300,000 lives worldwide
    More than 4.3 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus and nearly 300,000 people have died. WHO calls for caution in lifting the embargo, and the epidemic in many European countries has eased; the largest slum in India has been diagnosed with over a thousand; the epidemic has covered all countries in Africa. In […]
  • More than 24,000 anonymous members of the Itaewon nightclub group in South Korea were positive
    In South Korea, an additional 29 people were infected with new pneumonia, of which 26 were local cases, 3 were imported from abroad, a total of 10,091 cases, the death toll increased to 260, and more than 9,700 people recovered. The mayor of Seoul said that more than 20,000 people have been tested in response to […]