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?Multifunctional Protective Glasses High-Quality goggle is waterproof and impact-resistant, not only can blocks saliva droplets, splash, and dust but also effectively isolate viruses. ?Polycarbonate Clear lens, good visual effect, effective UV blocking. Our stylish goggles can effectively reduce eye exposure risk, giving eyes a comfortable environment. ?Humanized design, Safety goggle frame is made of lightweight PC. The wraparound construction provides a perfect fit and seal. (There is enough space inside our goggles, which will not affect you wearing other types of glasses). ?Protect your eyes, Developed for anti-virus, it is very suitable for blocking virus infection and achieve the preventing effect. ?Service Warranty, If your safety glasses don??t perform as they should or simply aren??t for you, let us know, and we’ll send you a free replacement or issue a quick money-back.???????С???죬???Ҫ?????˺??


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