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Responsible for shutting down the ventilator for severely ill patients. ICU nurse witnesses patients struggling to death: so painful

The scourge of New Coronary Pneumonia spreads all over the world. Medical equipment in various countries is seriously inadequate. Taking the ventilator as an example, most patients are given priority to young patients or those with high survival probability.

In the United Kingdom, the head nurse Juanita Nittla of the Intensive Treatment Department of Royal Liberty Hospital in London said that due to the limited number of ventilators, the hospital needs to be based on the patient’s age, health condition, viral response, and chance of cure To decide whether it is necessary to discontinue treatment. As for those patients whose condition has not improved for a long time, or patients with severe conditions, the hospital will remove the ventilator for them.

As the head nurse, one of Juanita ’s responsibilities is to remove the ventilator by hand for patients whose condition has not improved. In an interview with BBC Media, she revealed that she often became the medical nurse responsible for shutting down. Every time she faced this situation, she felt very struggling.

She said, “Turning off the patient’s breathing mechanism is one of my jobs, which is undoubtedly painful. Sometimes I even feel that I need to be responsible for the death of another person.”

Just about 2 weeks ago, Anita Hu received a notice instructing her to turn off the ventilator for a confirmed nurse in her 50s. Because the patient was in an 8-person room, she first pulled the curtains off and then turned off all the alarms to avoid disturbing others.

Juanita put the phone in her ear as the patient asked, so that she could talk to her daughter before she died, and then began to remove the ventilator for her. She said, “I looked at the flashing lights, the heart rate monitor on the instrument display device gradually to zero, the frequency becomes a horizontal line. I stood beside her, clasped her hands real, until she died.”

The name The infected nurse passed away safely within 5 minutes. Juanita then picked up the phone and told her daughter “Everything is over.”

To continue to watch the patient leave the world alone, Juanita admits that she is very sad, especially when she witnesses the patient struggling and breathing desperately, it will make her emotions very depressed.

Since the outbreak, the number of admissions has been rising, and ICU beds have almost doubled after nearly doubling. In the past, nurses would take care of patients one by one, but currently one person takes care of 3 or even 6 patients. The situation is really worrying. In addition, there are symptoms of medical treatments, which are suspected of being infected, and further combat morale.

As the head nurse, Juanita has to face countless life-and-departures every day. She has long suffered from insomnia and has nightmares more often: “This (the number of deaths) is daunting. I worry about getting sick, but everyone is equally afraid. “

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