• New York Museum of Natural History will remove Roosevelt statues
    Freud, an African-American man, was killed by a police officer on his knees, which set off a wave of anti-racial discrimination in the United States. The celebrity statues in history became the targets of demonstrators’ destruction. New York Mayor Bai Sihao said that the American Museum of Natural History would remove the bronze statue of Theodore […]
  • Biden approves “surrender” to new crown epidemic, Trump refutes spread of panic
    Former Vice President Biden, who was nominated as a presidential candidate by the United States Democratic Party, yesterday (17th) criticized President Trump for surrendering to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, failing to prepare for the second possible outbreak ready. Trump is scheduled to hold his first major campaign rally in months in Tulsa, Oklahoma this Saturday […]
  • Mask recommendations
    There are many kinds of masks, and their protective effects are also different. At present, the most commonly used by the public are disposable medical masks and disposable medical surgical masks. Disposable medical masks can be used by the public in non-person-intensive public places Use, and medical surgical masks have better filtering performance. It is […]
  • Knowledge of the use of new coronavirus pneumonia masks
    Wearing Principle The basic principles of    are scientific and reasonable wearing, standard use, and effective protection. details as follows:    (1) Healthy people do not need to wear masks in open and ventilated areas of non-epidemic areas, and masks are required to enter crowded or closed public places.    (2) It is recommended to […]
  • Last week, more than 3 million people were unemployed and more than 30 million people applied for assistance in 7 weeks
    The US Department of Labor released the latest unemployment data. In the week ending May 2, the number of new unemployed people in the United States was 3.17 million, an increase of nearly 3 million, which was a decrease from the previous week’s growth of 3.84 million. The number of people applying for unemployment benefits has […]
  • Johnson: Britain may gradually unblock and resume work as early as next Monday
    The number of deaths from new coronavirus infections in the UK exceeded 30,000. It is the country with the largest number of deaths from infection in Europe. In the past day, there were 649 new deaths, and the total number increased to 30,076 deaths. After recovering from the new pneumonia, Prime Minister Johnson went to […]
  • How to properly handle used masks?
    According to the National Health and Welfare Committee WeChat public account Health China, the used masks carry a large number of microorganisms, such as viruses and oral bacteria, and there may be a great risk of infection. Points to note when removing the mask: · Do not touch the outer surface of the mask, because […]
  • How to wear a mask correctly?
    It is understood that medical surgical masks have three layers, from the outside to the inside are the waterproof layer, the filter layer, and the comfort layer. The comfort layer is a layer of non-woven fabric. When wearing, the white non-woven fabric faces inwards, and the blue waterproof layer faces outwards. Fit the nose and smooth […]
  • Classification and applicable environment of disposable protective gloves
    Classification and applicable environment of disposable protective gloves1. Insulated gloves for live working refers to a kind of insulating gloves that the operator wears on his hands for electrical insulation when performing live work on electrical equipment with an AC voltage of 10 kV and below (or DC electrical equipment of the corresponding voltage level). The […]
  • U.S. nurse holds photo of deceased colleague in front of White House to protest lack of protective equipment
    While the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic continues to spread in the United States, there is always a shortage of protective equipment for frontline health care workers, and many health care workers have died due to infection with the new coronavirus. A group of nurses who risked their lives to save patients in a high-risk environment every […]
  • manufacturers share the mask replacement cycle?
    Mask manufacturers believe that regular mask replacement is common sense, but the replacement cycle is not the same, so how long is the replacement cycle of the mask? What? There are professional PM2.5 masks and masks with replaceable filters, medical masks, cotton masks. Different types of masks have different names. Professional PM2.5 protective masks (such […]
  • Why did Abe suddenly expand the target of the emergency declaration to the whole country?
    On the evening of the 16th, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that he would extend the scope of the emergency declaration to the entire territory of Japan. Why did Abe make this decision suddenly? The Japanese Current Affairs News published an analysis that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is continuing to spread in major cities […]
  • The relationship between breathability and quality of masks
    Activated charcoal anti-haze masks are household items that are not unfamiliar to everyone. They are called daily necessities because they are used frequently in life. The main function of the mask is to form a sealed space between the face and the mouth, so that the air passing through this space can be filtered. As […]
  • Disposable mask manufacturers share a simple classification of non-woven fabrics
    Disposable masks are not new to us, but many non-woven fabrics may not be understood; in fact, many disposable masks are made of non-woven fabrics, but this does not mean that all non-woven fabrics Can be used as raw materials for processing masks. Let’s follow the disposable mask manufacturers to understand the simple classification of […]
  • Notes on wearing masks
    Masks are not only used in life, but also in many production activities. There are many different types of masks. So do you know how to wear masks? Printed mask manufacturers have summarized a few points for attention when wearing masks, hoping to help everyone. For environments where volatile particles are present, choose a dust […]
  • Matters needing attention when using medical elastic bandage
    Medical elastic bandages are mainly composed of three parts, namely elastic bottom band, medicine and polymer adhesive mixed layer, anti-sticking layer; reasonable design makes it more convenient when used. So what are the precautions during use?The correct method of use is critical. When using medical elastic bandages, the appropriate width needs to be selected according […]
  • Whether disposable masks can be used to kill viruses
    Some friends will have such a question, although the purchase is a disposable mask,But I think it can be used repeatedly, and it needs to kill the mask, and then it can be used again.The disposable masks after wearing can be boiled, sprayed with alcohol or disinfected by ultraviolet light to disinfect the used masks. […]