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The latest new British crown gene research: the virus has passed from person to person around the world at the end of last year

The origin of the new coronary pneumonia is still the target of the international community. A new British study pointed out that the new coronavirus has been spreading around the world since the end of last year, and the rate of spread is quite alarming.

According to foreign media reports, British researchers conducted viral genetic analysis of more than 7,600 people worldwide. Staff collected samples at different times and locations and found that the new coronavirus began to pass from person to person as early as the end of last year, and showed that the virus can spread quickly, but it is impossible to determine whether the virus has become more contagious or can cause serious illness.

The report was officially published yesterday (5th), showing that “the study excludes previous speculation that SARSCoV-2 (new coronavirus) may spread earlier”, “our research results are the same as the previous speculation that the spread began at the end of last year. That is, at that time, SARSCoV-2 began to spread to human hosts. “

Francois Balloux, a researcher at the Institute of Genetics at University College London in the UK, pointed out that their team believes that the virus spread to humans at the end of last year. The study also found that the virus may have invaded Europe and the United States earlier than January or February known to the outside world, perhaps weeks or months before the first official case.

Balloux also pointed out that up to 10% of the world’s population has been exposed to the new coronavirus. New coronavirus will naturally mutate like other viruses, but mutation is not a bad thing, nor does it mean that the virus becomes faster or slower.

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