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U.S. military sends special forces to protect capital from attacks

As confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia continue to rise, the Mayor of Washington, DC, Muriel Bauze announced on the 15th that the local emergency will be extended by one month. Federal officials say that the Washington area and Maryland and Virginia may have outbreaks like New York.

According to a report on the US News Weekly website, a senior military officer said: “No one wants to talk about evacuation, especially when there is nowhere to go.” The report said that a little-known military mission responsible for evacuating Washington The troops have already started. The task force is responsible for the government ’s most sensitive task, which is to protect Washington from domestic and foreign attackers, and to transfer the White House and other important government offices to other locations if necessary.

The National Capital Region ’s Joint Working Group on Combating Terrorism (JTF-NCR) was launched on March 16 and is responsible for defending Washington in land, air, and even waterfront areas. As the only working group in the country, it demonstrates both sides of the government’s preparations. On the one hand, facing the public, as well as other parts of the country, do a good job of medical security, delivery of materials and health checkpoints.

On the other hand, the Joint Working Group on Combating Terrorism is responsible for the military’s “homeland defense”, that is, how to respond to various types of armed attacks against the United States, from guarding the sky in Washington to responding to internal disturbances if nuclear weapons are detonated in the capital. The most direct task of the working group is to ensure the continuity of the government. Once the evacuation of the capital is ordered, they will transfer the leaders to a secret location.

Since the National Guard began operations nationwide, US Department of Defense officials have insisted that soldiers will not perform secret missions, nor will they supervise or enforce everyone ’s isolation. The Ministry of Defense also denied reports of martial law or other extreme emergency plans. The Ministry of Defense stated that the guard is under the strict control of the governor, while the Federal Army supports civil agencies such as the Federal Emergency Measures Agency.

However, with the launch of the joint working group on combating terrorist activities in the national capital, nearly 10,000 military and police personnel executed special orders, which is contrary to the statement of the Ministry of National Defense. The National Capital Region ’s Joint Working Group on Combating Terrorism is real and is in operation. Some missions report directly to the Minister of Defense, and some troops are currently on standby 24/7. They are isolated at military bases to ensure that they are not protected by the new crown virus The effect of ensuring the state of combat readiness.

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